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The Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistake

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

The most common affiliate marketing mistake made by newbies, is believing the myth that they will amass a great fortune overnight, or that they can learn how to make money online by reading an ebook or two.

Myths concerning affiliate marketing and how easy it is to earn tons of money in very little time, if you follow this system or that, abound. The promises are appealing and enticing and to many would be affiliates, these products can end up leading to their downfall.  Dreams of instant wealth swim in the newbie affiliates' heads, but when they don't achieve the promised results, disappointment and discouragement begins to set in.

It is true enough that affiliate marketing can be extremely financially rewarding.  Successful affiliates are people who have started at the bottom and trained thoroughly in their field. They know what they should and shouldn't do. Most have had their share of campaign failures, but have learned from their mistakes.  And having gone through the challenge of learning what works with affiliate marketing, these people are now living the good life, earning more than $1000 per day.  But there was nothing EASY about it. 

Failure to get the proper  affiliate marketing education is the most common mistake made by affiliate marketing newbies.  Excitedly the newbie spends $30-$50 for an eBook that promises to teach the way to overnight riches, and he hungrily reads the entire manual in one afternoon. However, affiliate marketing is a complicated, competitive industry, and there is much more knowledge needed than could ever be learned from an eBook or two. So the newbie soon finds himself buying more eBooks, training packages and tools of the trade. He or she now realizes that affiliate marketing is not as simple as promoting a merchant's wares through his website and getting paid for it, and (s)he has many more questions than answers. His "must learn" list grows, while the bank account shrinks. He has no direction, no way of figuring out what he should be learning first because there is so much more to it than he ever imagined, and he begins to give up.

So what is the answer?

The way to avoid all of the most common mistakes made by affiliate marketing newbies, is to get the proper affiliate marketing schooling, right out of the gate.

Some of the things that you will need to learn before you will be able to seriously start making any money includes:

  • the inner workings of affiliate marketing;
  • what are affiliate networks and how can you leverage them;
  • the different "types" of Internet marketing;
  • how to become an expert, not a generalist;
  • choosing an industry and product to sell online;
  • understanding your consumers;
  • setting up a Pay-Per-Click advertising account;
  • understanding market & keyword research;
  • using keyword tools;
  • how to leverage your competition;
  • how relevancy = success (broad marketing vs. targeted marketing);
  • how to build SEO websites, landing pages and blogs;
  • how to create free marketing campaigns;
  • creating paid marketing campaigns,
  • Email marketing & using autoresponders,
  • customer service & communication skills,
  • online networking and relationship building,
  • tracking your ads and analyzing results,
  • proper split testing techniques,
  • bridging campaigns between different IM techniques & platforms,
  • using Squidoo,
  • how to spy on your competition,
  • and so much more.

Trying to be a successful affiliate without gettting properly educated in the field, is as dumb as trying to become a doctor without going to medical school. There is a fantastic Internet Marketing school online, and it is imperative to join. Membership is extremely affordable, and you are given access to all the necessary tools of the trade so you will save literally thousands of dollars. You will get one-on-one coaching mentoring and support, and they even have a job center where you can find online work to start making money immediately while you learn.  

Train for affiliate marketing the right way, and you will avoid all the common affiliate marketing mistakes made by affiliate marketing newbies.

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