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The Miracle Man's Success Principles AND Investment opportunities That Has a Global Mass Appeal

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Andre Zizi's Success Strategies

Who is Andre Zizi?

Andre Zizi is the Walking Miracle Man. Andre Zizi was an illiterate, cancer sufferer, lived with panic disorder and clinical depression; he was homeless, suicidal. Without life coach, without welfare support, without family, without medical drugs, without going to a foreign language school, he overcame illiteracy, he overcame cancer, and depression, and then he managed to get into university and earned his first Philosophy degree at the London University.

He is now a qualified teacher, mentor, counselor, writer, and the pioneer of Neuro Visual and Linguistic Syntax Encoding, the Self-Help Coaching System.

Discover Andre Zizi 's principles for success

Commit to doing your very best, whatever that might be. Andre Zizi holds nothing back in his pursuit of excellence.

Be a good sport. Andre embraced defeat on all fronts. The pain was still excruciation for him, he says, but he tries not to dwell on it, refocusing his sensory content of his future memory of success, as he calls it, "turbo charge my emotions on €˜what if I achieve my dream goals' then takes massive action and working harder for future success.

Follow your heart. The legacy you create is yours alone€" Only thinking in your heart, heart felt rich sensory inspired content can only be activated in three-dimensional neuro visualisation is the key to your power if you go into the experience, with mental training of N.V.LS.E.

Don't listen to naysayers. Over ten years ago, Andre was caring for an elderly person, providing the elderly man with housekeeping. When Andre declared to the man that he is going to become a teacher, and an entrepreneur, the man laughed at him and said; "nay, you will never surmount to anything other than doing care job and house keeping" Andre Zizi knew in his heart, that he is coming closer to his dream goals. He says, "Listen to your heart, when the voices inside you become louder than the opinions outside, you have mastered your destiny"

The Neuro Imagination. Achievement of optimum health, supreme happiness, and financial wealth, do not depend on anyone other than on us, it depends on our ability to use our neuro imagination, to implement it in the most intense, vivid and frequent manner, sot that we can achieve a productive orientation.

The conative Power
is the key factor of quantum mind power. People with active instincts have known this since the beginning of time, particularly prophets, and great industrialists, have used the power of neuro visualisation to achieve incredible fame, riches and lived a blessed life. Others who prayed and lamented over the things they did not want, also achieved mountains of sorrow, pain, and diseases.

Practical Knowledge. People who are achieving optimum health, supreme happiness, and material luxuries understand the secret of how to hold images of their desired outcome in their minds, and how to condition their emotions to feel in certain way, to excel and achieve their dream goals.

Andre Zizi of ZiziWorld Empowerment program and products are a goldmine investment opportunites that make profit for decades. The vision of Andre Zizi of ZiziWorld is the best investment opportunities in the self-help industry

Andre Zizi's Vision: Investment Opportunities Brief Summary

The Idea: ZiziWorld is a MindGym Concept with Multi Media State of the Art Web Based Self-empowerment Training

The Problem:
97% of the human populations suffer from under performance, mental health problems, physical ailment, and emotional sufferings.

The Solution: ZiziWorld Entrepreneurial Authorship takes self empowerment product and services into new level, driving the economy by transforming lives.

What's in it for investors: Investors become part of the projected growth, sustainable concept, and residual income if they don't wish to exit within five years.

Call to Action:
ZiziWorld completed business proposal, and ten books that require copyediting, design, audio cd productions, design, marketing and of course, funding.

In ZiziWorld we invest to teach, and we coach to success

Feature Products or Services

The Leading Edge of Brain Mind Technology
Entrepreneurial Authorship
Self Empowerment Products

Competitive Advantages

Speed Learning, High Morale Boosting on the Go
UK # 1 MindGym Arcade Concept Like No Other
Remedial Hot Brain Food+ Remedial Drinks in a Hurry

My Ideal Customers and Partners

Ideal Customer is...for the mentally, physically, and emotionally challenged, as well as for those who

Have a dream to pursue
The vision to plan
The courage to run
The expectation to perfect
The Perseverance to win!

Specific audiences

Health >> Healthcare
Other >> Employment & Career
Services >> Education/Training

Ideal Partner is...

An investor with knowledge of the self-empowerment industry
A Chartered Accountant
A Lawyer with knowledge of publishing and media
Web Savvy
Visionary Publisher & Champion Marketers

What else I would like you to know?

ZiziWorld  Freedom Education program sits at the forefront of modern science, designed to speed up the pervasive recognition of the evolutionary psychology of achievement.

Most people keep asking the questions, where to invest, how to invest, is there most profitable investment opportunities, to increase revenue, and make profit, very few people are inclined to asking the questions, what do I know about the best ever profitable investment opportunities, then, one would have to ask further questions as to who will be the winner or loser in any new investment opportunities, because in the past, smart investors, understood the investment market well, and made an informed decision, but now decisions are given to the middle man to find them the best ever investment opportunities.

I think, given the scale of the 97% of the human population suffer from emotional intoxication, and mental health problems affecting themselves, their family, the community, and the economy. 20 billion pounds every year UK companies are losing due to under performance of staff infected with emotiona and mental unrest.

ZiziWorld has got the solution based MindGym Technology to help millions reach their full potential, increase revenue, and help people live a blessed life.

This is the best time to have ever been alive in history, this is the first time to have been able to gain knowledge at the speed of light.

If you find this proposal investment worthwhile to pursue, then do contact the pioneer of self empowerment products on 00 44 (0)7999 579 135

Investors, marketers, and or investors seeking a long term profits of ZiziWorld Products is a smart and most lucrative investment opportunities. No need to ask where to invest, best investment ideas can be found here. contact Andre Zizi on 07999 579 135

you can watch his videos here www.youtube.com/user/andrezizi

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