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The Magic Bullet System Launch; The Story of an Affiliate Marketer Who Had a Big Disillusionment Trying to Receive His Portion - Part 1

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0

As internet marketer, you are presumably well acquainted with all bonuses and gifts that the Magic Bullet System affiliates are suggesting. This is one of the merits why it is successful in selling out in nine hours! However, in accordance with some leaked out information, the system may be reopened only for a single day for those folk, who could not get their seat on launch day.

If for some reason this information looks strange to you, there could be two variants: either you are busy (probably with piece of good luck?) with gaining money, or you have not selected appropriate mailing lists.

I would like to relate you my unwelcome story as affiliate marketer, who endeavoured to suggest encouraging bonus of $500, in order to receive a small supplementary pay in my pocket, and why the final result was that I even paid for purchasing the Magic Bullet System package.

Well, the time is ripe for moving on! My inbox was word for word swamped with emails making publicity for the astonishing Magic Bullet System and offering unlikely (and in most cases over valued) bonuses. No wonder that also John Reese, Gauher Chaudhry, Chris Carpenter, Mike Filsame, Frank Kern and other great names took part in this publicity. Originally I directly obliterated ever so many of those emails from my inbox, but gradually they commenced provoking my curiosity, and I found myself clicking in one of those links endeavouring to reveal what kind of bonuses they suggest, what this Magic Bullet System was all about, and what the final price would be.

There is normally a pretty close relation between the bonus values suggested and the products price. Moreover, when the great players take part, there must be some satisfactory money to gain.

What actually happened was that I contravened the word I had given to myself , to not open or read any promotional messages that kept constantly coming into my mail. Useful ebooks, e-courses, due software - I by now had it all to turn into one of the successful affiliate marketers (as so many others that have gone wrong awfully). But I will not give up. Was this is the wonder I have been anticipating for so long?

In spite of that fact, I found myself signing up to AND even watching all 3 videos, what somewhat created an impression on me was that the information was really productive and I even learned some tricks of succeeding marketers that I think could come into good usage.

I commenced grasping that the Magic Bullet System was a total solution in the overall picture of affiliate marketing. If you howsoever have NOT seen any of these advertising videos - which is nearly unbelievable - the following information will give you an idea of the nature of Magic Bullet System:

The following information is only a outgrowth of my grasping of all this large marketing talk and sales videos, and the future only will manifest who is right!

To begin with, the main point of the Magic Bullet System as a total Internet based software suite, is that it is directed to those affiliate marketers who are non-technical but all the same want to automated their business as much as possible. What you have to do is to make a project targeting a certain website or niche (keyword) and the following steps can be used in a such way for each project:

  1. Select the (niche) keyword and the Magic Bullet System will assist you discovering advertisements that have been present for some time, giving you a a medium position, cost per click, number of days and a score for their profitability (I am astonished at how they calculate this?).
  2. If you require some demographic information about the web site. (You will probably be able to find it on Alexa and quantcast) too.
  3. The following step of the Magic Bullet System consists in offering some appropriate affiliate products on hand on the CPA networks software admissions in real time. After you select the products you require to give publicity to, you add them to your project and make PPC advertisements. The Magic Bullet System will after that produce the import files for Yahoo, Google and Bing and the banners advertisements for the Search Engines Content Network.
  4. Now you will make your choice about the desired promotion strategy -whether it will be a common landing page, a blog or direct linking. All will be produced for you by the Magic Bullet System, which will create the Wordpress blog with your chosen design, directly on your domain server.
  5. Here comes one of the most crucial gains. The integrated advertisement and keyword level a tracking, as well as split and trial. The Magic Bullet System will enter to the CPV/CPA sites and on the basis of your PPC information will appraise the level of success of your campaigns and automatically adapt biddings deleting all non lucrative parts. All you need to do is to export the ensuing files, then lead them again into Yahoo, Adwords or Bing so you can enjoy your rising profits. (At least they have the intention to make it seem that easy. We will see€¦)

It sounds magical, but is it genuine? Well, I already mentioned that I am in possession of a fine collection of all required tools to successfully carry out such a process, but what I have learned from some unwelcome experience in the past is that no software can assist you to magically find the most profit-yielding niche and keyword, product and ads or to write down a credible sales copy for your blog. You are always left alone to make these most important resolves, and have to count on your creativity and common sense.

The initial inference could be,€¦ The Magic Bullet does not exist, and none, or a touch of those bonuses would help me either! But, what were the grounds I at the end made up my mind to buy this Magic Bullet System? Well,€¦:

  1. Firstly, the Magic Bullet bonuses and Magic Bullet System instruction alone appear to be distinguished.
  2. Second, a well-known fact is that affiliate marketing is a so-called numbers game. If you test and trace more, you will be capable to take advantage of some profit-yielding campaigns that should more than make up for the losses.
  3. Notwithstanding the fact that the toolset I by now am in possession of is rather extensive, it will not economize me the time requisite for preparation, running, tracking and modifying the huge number of campaigns necessary to be able to pick out the winners. But if my assessments are right and the Magic Bullet System lowers this time by only 20%, and betters my campaigns by 10%, I should get my ROI in just one or two months.
  4. They give us the chance to test the Magic Bullet System for 6 weeks, and return a money back warrant without asking queries. In any case if I request for a fund recovery, they would very likely not like may answers a lot.

Well, I still could not make up my mind!

Ooops, this has become longer than I expected. I will continue in the next article. There I will tell you more about how I by accident began promoting the Magic Bullet System, the amount of money I lost -in spite of (or because) I proposed a bonus of $500 - and how only one phone call made me think differently. Important! Have a look at the info downwards too.

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