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The King's Speech Lessons: What Happens When a Stutterer Faces a Vancouver Hyundai Dealer?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Rarely does a stuttering person go out and even haggle with a Vancouver Hyundai sales representative, but my friend did.

Viewing Oscar's greatest film of the season tends to make me recall the period when I once supported a friend in order to help him cope with Vancouver Hyundai dealers. The King's speech left the Oscar's stage carrying away four major trophies including the Best Director and Best Picture award.  The best film of the year slammed other worthy competitors including the much anticipated the Social Network Movie.  With the success of this movie, the spotlight now turns to the stuttering population from all over the world.  When you watch the movie, you get a glimpse of the social dilemma they experience and how they struggle to correct their speech.  Like Colin firth who took the character of Bertie in the film, my friend also has a stuttering condition. My buddy and I knew each other since childhood.  Our mothers were close friends and ever since I met him, he had consistently been stuttering when he spoke.  Stuttering issues normally start off through the childhood years and can proceed within a person's lifetime.    In the case of my friend, I thought he would be stammering all his life.

Once, when  we were in grade school, he got into a fist fight with some kids who made fun of his speech.  Well, he got small bruises but he also beat the daylight out of those two children.  His speech may be poor, but not his fists.

Because of mockings, he soon started extracting himself off other peoplen just to avoid trouble. He just resumed his jolly, talkative identity when he's with me, his family, and a few close friends.  Two years ago, he decided to bring up his problem to a speech therapist.

When he asked for my opinion and told me to accompany him to buy a new Hyundai car, I happily said yes.  I informed him of the different Vancouver Hyundai dealerships he might want to visit.  We went to this reputable car distributor near my place and asked around with some Vancouver Hyundai dealers.  They presented their showroom where we toured around.

I thought that when he called me to accompany him, he wanted me to transact with the dealers directly because of his speech problem.

I was wrong.

He haggled with the dealers himself and I was only there to support him or help him crumble the dealers attempts to resist from lowering the price.  Fortunately, the Vancouver Hyundai dealer was very willing to give a great money slash off in selling the vehicle.

I noticed that during the time when he was talking to the car sales representative, he was trying to control repeating syllables as he spoke.  And he did just that.  There were a few times when he did stammer, but it was really a minor thing.  Even the dealer might not have heard it.

I got the feeling that he was trying really hard to control his speech and to stop duplicating some syllables.  The longer he haggled with the dealers, the more I was amazed at this person.  I could not help but smile the whole time.  Like Bertie played by Colin Firth in the movie The King's Speech, my good friend had successfully overcome this speech obstacle.

The transaction ended with him getting a flashy 2011 Hyundai Elantra at a base price of $15,849.  Before he made the purchase he scheduled a test drive first.  After that we thanked the dealers for a wonderful service, and he even dropped a compliment that they were one of the best Vancouver Hyundai dealerships in our place.

Me, I was just rejoicing inside.  Finally, this old buddy of mine had successfully made his childhood dream come true.  To be able to overcome his stuttering problem especially when he was nervously conversing with other people is a great achievement, just like what Bertie in the King's Speech.  I lauded him for that.

We left the place and I was smiling the whole time. Now I know.  I won't be worried anymore the  next time he plans to buy a new car.  He can now transact with Vancouver Hyundai dealers himself.  I'm certain of it.

My respect for my friend just keeps on shootong forward.  Vancouver Hyundai dealers? Let them come, let them come.

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