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The Facemaster® Facial Toning System

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Everyone wants to look young and there is no question about it. Unfortunately we all age and we cannot stop the clock from ticking. However, with Suzanne Somers' FaceMaster® Facial Toning System we do not have to show it!

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System is designed to increase muscle tone for the look of firmer, smoother skin. The idea of using micro-currents of electrical energy in order to strengthen and stimulate the facial muscles is just amazing. This product is quick and easy to use and you will be able to use FaceMaster® Facial Toning System right in your own home.

Micro-current facial toning is a way of creating the look everyone has been trying to achieve through active facial exercising, laser treatments, chemical peels, special creams, botox injections and cosmetic surgery. Micro-current facial toning works by using low intensity waves of electricity that travel through two small metal rods. These rods are applied to the face and cause the muscles to contract. Just as the muscles in the rest of our bodies need exercise to stay firm and fit, our faces are no different. As we age the muscles in our face weaken. Our faces stop producing as much collagen and elastin as it once did, therefore causing our face to look hollow and saggy. With the use of micro-current facial toning, the collagen and elastin are reactivated which gives our face the youthful look we once had. Once the muscles are toned they fill the empty space that causes our skin to look lose and this will lesson the fine lines and wrinkles that are so bothersome.

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System gives the appearance of a facelift without surgery. Surgery is so invasive, expensive and painful. Some people have surgery with the hopes of looking a certain way then come out of surgery with a long recovery time and unexpected results. Often people find that they need more and more surgery to fix more problems. With the technology of micro-current facial toning, there is no need for a long recovery time, bandages or pain, and results can be seen right away. Of course everyone is different and results may vary for each individual, but people are loving what they see in the mirror after using this method of facial toning.

The FaceMaster® Facial Toning System is Suzanne's secret for a more youthful, ageless look. Use Suzanne Somer's FaceMaster® Facial Toning System to look better and wake up your face!

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