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The Elusive Acne Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Feeling frustrated after trying over countless acne medications ?Are you wondering why they never works on your acne but performs wonderfully on your friends or acquaintance acne? You might start to ask yourself what is actually wrong with yourself and ponder the reasons for your acne stubborn existence on your skin. Be patient. Don't ever give up. There is actually a very simple method in treating your acne successfully.

We are recommending a combination of three steps to achieve an blemish-free skin.

Start off your treatment with a gentle cleanser.Don't be bother if it doesn't lather much. The ingredient that causes the foams is actually bad for your skin.It might provoke your acne lesions and cause more new lesions to form.What you want to achieve here is to remove dirt from your skin before applying the acne medications.

Topical treatment containing benzoyl peroxide is the most effective acne treatment that is available in the market. It kills the P. acnes bacteria that causes your acne lesions. By enriching the pores with oxygen, the P.acnes bacteria that stay at the base of the follicle get kill off. Plus the fact that even with continuous usage,the P.acnes bacteria won't become resistant to it. That is why it is used in combination with various oral antibiotics to treat acne. As oral antibiotics can become resistant after prolonged usage, the medication containing benzoyl peroxide provides a good companion in minimising the resistance of the acne causing bacteria toward the acne treatments.

Most acne treatments fail in that acne sufferers often give up too soon and put too much of acne medications to their skin.You have to do it gradually.Do you know that your skin can adapt to the drying effect of benzoyl peroxide but it takes time.By now,you should have heard of the side effect of benzoyl peroxide which is its strong drying effecting on your skin. So select the lowest concentration of benzoyl peroxide n (2.5%) available in the market to minimize the drying and irritation it is going to cause on your skin.

We would like to ask you how long did you continue to try a new acne treatment before giving in? One week? Two weeks? Actually you should continue the usage for about a month before you can expect any significant results. Most people just give up too early. Initially,you might get a lot of new lesion breakouts which make you give up earlier.If you have many comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), using treatment containing benzoyl peroxide will drive the comedone contents consisting of dead skin cells,dead bacteria and sebum to the skin surface.Unless you belong to the 10% of the acne sufferers who are allergic to benzoyl peroxide,you should give yourself a try again at benzoyl peroxide.

The next question is how much of the medication should you put.Just apply a thin coating of the acne medication covering your acne prone skin. Do not rub the medications on your skin. A gentle sweeping motion will do as you wouldn't want to irritate your skin to giving you more acne flare.

Benzoyl peroxide can come in gel,lotion,cream or ointment.It is best to use the gel type if you have oily skin.For people with dry skin,go for the cream.If you still find benzoyl peroxide is too strong for your skin, go for the cleanser.Even though the cleanser cream only stay on your skin for minutes,it is sufficient to kill off those acne prone bacteria.If you have sensitive skin which are easily irritated, first go for the benzoyl peroxide cleanser. See how is your skin react to it before switching to another products.

Another way to minimize the drying effects of benzoyl peroxide is followed by an application of moisturizer after the benzoyl peroxide medications.Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or more during the day time while at night choose a more creamier moisturizer .A higher SPF rating only offer a slightly higher protection from the UVB from the sunray but can cause premature aging. So it is sufficient to use a SPF rating of 15.

As your skin can adapt to the drying of benzoyl peroxide, you should also adjust the frequency and quantity of usage in response to your skin reaction.We feel that applying benzoyl peroxide for twice a day is sufficient.In a nutshell,you can see that if you have mild to moderate acne, benzoyl peroxide will work provided that you adjust your frequency and quantity of treatment as you progress in using the treatments. Don't let impatience fails you in treating your acne problems.

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