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The Different Neighborhoods For Real Estate In Phoenix Arizona

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0

The property values in different Phoenix neighborhoods vary widely, so although you may only be able to afford a small home in one area of the Sun Valley, you may be able to purchase a much more expansive dwelling just by shopping in another area of town. This makes it a smart idea to get to know the culture of different neighborhoods before you start looking seriously at real estate for rental or purchase. If you are new to Phoenix and are considering buying a home, it is a good idea to make your first decision not about what your price range is; who your agent should be; or even what kind of property you want. Instead, start your search for Phoenix real estate by deciding what neighborhood you want to live in.

Phoenix, Arizona is famous for being an extremely diverse city, and has even earned the unofficial nickname "the melting pot of the southwest." This helps to make Phoenix an exciting place to live, but it can also make the city a bit confusing for newcomers. Because every neighborhood in the area has its own distinctive and unique atmosphere, it can be difficult to pinpoint where exactly the heart of town is. Many people moving to Phoenix want to live in the middle of it all, but the question of where exactly the middle is can be rather complex and depends as much on your personal taste and sensibility as it does on geography or statistics.

If you consider the heart of a town to be the place where the most wealthy and powerful citizens reside, look into the North Central area. This beautiful neighborhood is home to mansions and impressive dwellings, world class shopping, and other pleasantries that often come hand in hand with upper class residents. The streets are lined with beautiful and aromatic citrus trees, giving the whole upscale neighborhood a distinctively southwest feeling.

On the other side of town, South Phoenix provides an affordable alternative for people who can't afford the kinds of exclusive, stately homes found in North Central. South Phoenix is a transitional area, where a few expensive apartment complexes have started to pop up in the midst of what is primarily a low and middle class area. Once made up most of industrial buildings with a sprinkling of low cost homes, South Phoenix is rapidly becoming a hot housing market as people flock to the area, revitalizing the neighborhood and driving property values up.

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