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The Best Way Not to Cure Sciatic Nerve Pain

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Congratulations, you have sciatica.

It is the gift that no one wants yet so many people seem to get. It is the gift that causes you pain and frustration and sleepless nights, and followed by even more pain and frustration the next day. And like most gifts, it is non-returnable.

That is not saying there is no way to cure it. In fact, there are tons of ways to keep your pain away.

Unfortunately though, there are also tons of ways to make sure that your pain stays right where it is, with you.

So what are they, what are the absolute without a doubt worst ways to cure sciatic nerve pain?

Believe it or not, most of the worst things you can do will probably be part of your doctors treatment plan for you. A great rule of thumb when dealing with this pain is to Stay Away from Anything Invasive.

So what qualifies as invasive? Obviously injections and surgery are pretty invasive. They are painful and dangerous, and more often than not they do not work.

But they are not the only invasive things out there. Pills are also invasive. Which is shocking to most people. Most people don't consider pills to be a bad thing, especially if they make your pain go away. And I hear you on that, I do. I know that your goal is to get rid of the pain.

But pills have chemicals. Chemicals that your body starts to rely on more and more every day. Basically you are building chemicals up in your body. And the longer your body relies on chemicals, the greater chance that you will have long term side effects that have nothing to do with your sciatic pain.

While you are trying to find your way out of pain, try anything you need to. A new diet, chiropractor, over the counter medications (only for those times when you are in real need of them), heat/ice, stretches, back exercises - I could talk for hours about your options. But the bottom line is that any one of these options are safe. Even if they don't work, they will give you a little more pain and you will know better next time.

But invasive things, those types of medicines or procedures are designed to stay with your body for days, weeks, or longer. So it they don't work....well, you can guess that outcome.

Until you find a Cure, your pain Will Always Return.

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