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The Best Muscle Building Program Is The Simplest And The Most Effective

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

In the search for the best muscle building program it is easy to get distracted by fancy workout routines or supposedly helpful supplement products. Most workout routines consist of high volume workouts rehashed in any form and shape, meaning working out most days of the week for a couple of hours at a time, performing 10, 15 or 20 sets per muscle group. It is a fact that this general layout will not work for most people, which means regular guys and gals, hardgainers and even more so skinny guys (ectomorphs) will get nothing out of it.

Performing 12 sets of isolation curls for biceps or 6 sets of bent lateral raises for rear deltoids is like looking at a picture with your nose stuck to it, the proverbial missing the forest for the tree. By focusing on single muscle parts it is easy to miss the whole picture of muscle building. Adding muscle mass is not so much a case of overly stressing single muscle groups to annihilation, rather a case of inducing muscle growth all over by triggering a general muscle growth reaction in the whole body.

The best muscle building program is one advocating short, very high intensity workouts involving most if not all the body muscle groups for only few sets each. Such a highly stressing workout will cause a shock to the nervous system and the whole body. The normal and natural reaction is an increase in testosterone production that will in turn lead to general hypertrophy all over in a short time.

Complex and time consuming split routines as advertised in bodybuilding magazines will do absolutely nothing to add muscle for the vast majority of the population, but everything to achieve over training and plateaus. Weight training should be focused of heavy compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, barbell rows and so on. Few compound movements performed in a full body workout will leave the trainee exhausted and ready for muscle growth, if properly rested and fed.

Instead, a workout targeting only one or two muscle groups hammered to oblivion, will do nothing to induce testosterone output and muscle growth. Anyone interested in building muscle naturally should stay large and clear of the high volume approach and stick to basic, high intensity routines. The best muscle building program is one that is based on simple yet effective workouts and is time efficient.

One hour each workout, two to three hours a week is all that is needed to stimulate muscle building naturally. Supplements are another overrated idea to boost muscle growth. A balanced and healthy diet is way more important of all the supplements available, with most effective at emptying your wallet rather than filling your muscles.

Supplements should be taken for what they are, supplements not substitutes. Only few quality ones should be taken on top of a natural, balanced diet. Therefore, the best muscle building program should also provide accurate nutritional guidelines to optimize muscle growth as well as simple and effective workout plans with periodization tables to help avoid stagnation.

A properly designed program can leave one somewhat bewildered at its core simplicity, as decades of bodybuilding misinformation have spread the hard rooted notion that "more is better" and that if it is good for the professional bodybuilders, it is good for you. It is not.

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