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The Best Moisturizer Oil For Your Skin

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 48   |   Comments: 0

The best moisturizer oil grows naturally in the ground; it is not something that man could ever create. This is the difference between what really works effectively on your skin, and what most of the cosmetics companies try to sell you. Although what they claim to be the most effective moisturizers are naturally occurring, it is only through the manipulation of man that they ever come into existence.

Although there are far better choices of compounds through which we can keep our skin moist, and velvety soft, the major cosmetics companies offer you something different for treating your skin. What they tend to include as the primary moisturizers in their formulas are the petroleum based "moisturizer" mineral oil, petrolatum, and paraffin wax.

Of these, it is typically mineral oil that gets billing as the best moisturizer oil in the world, and to tell you the truth it is slightly superior to the other two petroleum compounds, but that is not saying much. The truth is that even though this is the thinnest, and most available of the three compounds, you will still find that it is woefully ineffective at penetrating your skin.

This is hardly surprising considering that the compound which it is derived from is so dense that it can cause mechanical issues in oil refining machinery. This gets us back to what I said about these substances only being naturally occurring by technicality. The parent substance is a byproduct of the petroleum process, and if it were not for man drilling for fuel oil the substance would never have come into existence.

Mineral oil is not the best moisturizer oil, because since it cannot effectively penetrate your skin it simply fills in your pores, and interferes with exfoliation. Eventually your skin will simply become drier, due to the lack of additional moisture to support your skins own oil. What you need is oils that are derived from plants instead, because plant based oils are almost identical to the oil your body produces.

Plants are the source of the best moisturizer oil, and don't let the cosmetics companies tell you any different.

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