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The Battle of Aging Skin with Cosmetics

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 52   |   Comments: 0

One of the biggest problem in most makeup, is it does not send oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin cells are just too weak to renew themselves and assimilate nutritive materials that are found in most makeup. Not enough oxygen exists in the skin to give the necessary amount of energy required to support the cell processes in a human being. After the age of 20 the breathing function of cells start to fail and skin feels "anoxaemia" and starts to age: first wrinkle lines come into sight and face skin texture worsens. Skin cells require additional oxygen to assimilate nutritive substances. Nowadays, that is why the oxygen cosmetic is the most perfect mechanism of youth defense. It's an exceptionally hard task to deliver oxygen to the deeper skin layers, where the cell division process takes place.

Now there is a break through that only comes from Russia. Russian cosmetics have a lot of the past behind them. Russia leads the battle against skin aging in both the Russian Federation and Europe. These kinds of cosmetics are some of the best weapons in fighting the battle against skin aging. For those that are seeking the fountain of youth, oxygen makeup seems to be making grounds in reaching this goal.

Russia is not the only land to try Oxygen cosmetics, but they are the leaders. Olden times have revealed that Russian cosmetics are some of the most natural and true to their claims.

Asian Emperors use to travel the earth searching for the source of youth, sadly no one has found it however, but looking good-looking well into your golden years is now a possibility.

When using Oxygen cosmetics the oxygen content within the skin cell is increased by 50% or more. Aquaftem is the main ingredient of Oxygen makeup. It's traits bring wellbeing and youth to your skin. Here are a few things you can experience by using any oxygen makeup:

1. Activates collagen synthesis and stops fine lines from forming.

2. Strengthens vessels walls, rebuild local microcirculation and evens the face color.

3. Considerably increases sun protection factor of makeup and UVA defense.

4. Great moisturizer.

5. Smoothes skin surface.

6. Cools and heals burnt skin (sun, chemical, thermic)

7. Reduces the skin's manifestations of allergies (itching, reddening and edema)

8. Works well on any kind of skin; regardless of age.

Russians have been making nurturing and natural cosmetics for hundreds of years. Nonetheless do to political and economy trends, their cosmetics were never released to the outside earth. Only women within the Russian Federation were able to pay for makeup with the benefits described above.

Over the years these cosmetics have reached Britain and other European Countries, nonetheless the U.S.A has been deprived of tasting the benefits that can only be found in Europe and Russia. Little by little these walls have come down and now everyone from around the planet is given the chance to try these products.

Oxygen cosmetics model the natural youthful regeneration process of the skin. This is similar to the skin of a younger person. They distribute oxygen deep into the skin layers in two ways. Foremost it sends more oxygen to the surface skin. Secondly it delivers almost double the amount of oxygen through the microcirculation of the blood. The grouping of these actions has the same affect that you would only find in a skin age of 25 - 30 years.

The planet is large and the opportunities to stay attractive are available to anyone that wants to make the efforts. Most people do not believe something until they see it for themselves. That is the one great thing about these kinds of makeup; you can see the immediate results in days instead of weeks.

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