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The Basics Of Cables For Speakers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 45   |   Comments: 0

A sound system works with perfect clarity only when the right kind of speaker cables is associated with it. It is thus important for each one of us to take our time out and buy the right kind of cable for our electronic systems like laptops, music players, home theatres, etc. Never compromise on your speaker cables as if that is chosen wrong your whole hi-fi purchase of the snazzy new music system or home theatre will be in vain. Enjoy the essence of clear sound with the help of the correct speaker cable. There are many types of cables available for speakers. You must know which type of cable is required for which system.

There is a difference between the cables for varied systems. For example, the cables required for home theatres, are longer in length but lower in impendence unlike those required for laptops. Never go for thin, non protected wires. Cheap wires tend to wear out faster with time. When it comes to safety never compromise on quality. Cheap wires may lead to electrical accidents which may even lead to fires. So its not just that cheap wires lead to low sound quality but may also be a threat to you and your surroundings.

Next is the kind of material you should choose for your cables. There a various kinds of materials available in the market. Each one has its pros and cons so you need to choose the one which will work best for you. The most commonly used material is basically copper. Copper is a good conductor, flexible, and speaker wires specifically are made of copper. But if you have a very high quality sound system like the ones used at functions or clubs, it is a good idea to use silver. If you can afford it, gold is the best material for any kind of cable. Already for a hi-fi system you must be spending a lot so a few more bucks for the best quality wire for best sound quality should not matter to you. The thickness or gauge of the wire depends on the kind of system and the amount of money you are spending. For the best sound quality, go for low gauge speaker cable wires. For garden, floor or wall speaker cables, it is best to leave the entire job to a technician. These are commercial cable lines and are best handled by professionals. For the connectors, all sorts of connectors have more or less the same effect the 3 socket ones and the dual or single ones as well.

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