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The Bags Under My Eyes Are Making Me Look Older Than I Am

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 44   |   Comments: 0

You look tired today is a common greeting that is received from friends nowadays. Not you are looking well or how are you? Do my eyes really send out the message that I have not slept recently? What exactly is telling them that I am not functioning at my best. Looking in the mirror it is pretty obvious. There are two rather large dark bags hanging down under my eyes. Not the best look in the world I have to admit. What is worse is that they are doing a very good job of making me look a tad older than what I actually am.  

So I do what most of us would do in a situation like this and head for my computer and have a look at what Google has to say on this subject. No surprise there are hundreds of pages of information and tips on the subject of puffy eyes and dark circles. To my surprise it seems that although bags under our eyes and dark circles often happen at the same time these two occurrences are separate. The common link though is that aging is partially responsible for this. As we get older our skin becomes thinner and less stronger and also our muscles are not as strong as they used to be.

Back to this constant sleepy look I seem to have now. While people automatically think that it is lack of sleep, it may quite simply be something a lot simpler. That good old thing called gravity! This fact would really be very fascinating if it was not affecting my looks. As we all know gravity pulls down on all objects and this applies to our skin. The longer we are exposed to gravity the more our skin is pulled towards the ground.

Are my friends correct to say that I look like I have not had enough sleep? In some ways they are, as not getting enough sleep can mean the bags under my eyes being more severe than if I was getting the correct amount of sleep. Other reasons could be that I am eating too many salty foods. Now I know this is not the case if anything I do not consume enough salt. The reason salt can be a problem is because it can cause you body to retain water. Of course if my parents suffer from bags under their eyes then there is a pretty good chance that the same is going to happen to me.

Of course there are the lucky ones whose skin stays nice and tight and they do not suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles. Unfortunately myself and many others in the world are not that lucky and are left wondering how best to at least try and get rid of these unsightly dark circles and puffy eyes. Do we go down the cucumber slices over our eyes option? Maybe cold tea bags laid over our eyes? Or do we find ourselves an effective eye cream treatment?

Here is one final thought to leave you with. On looking into this subject and reading many pages of information there was one comment that did leave me thinking. There is no definitive link between smooth skin round our eyes or healthy behaviour. However, it seems that our eyes do reflect the health of our skin and body!

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