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The Anti-Aging Ad Arena Skin Care Selling Targets the Boomers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 62   |   Comments: 0

It suddenly looks that everywhere we look, there are "anti-aging" product being offered to consumers. There are even ads for "anti-aging jeans" and suggestions for organizing an "anti-aging ceremonial dinner".
But nowhere is the anti-aging theme more prevalent than in skin care promoting and promotions.
Aiming at the "Target"
Gone is the perception that "anti-aging" refers to old ladies slathering their bodies with miracle lotions that will magically create their wrinkles disappear. These days the concept of anti-aging issues not only older women (over fifty), however also customers as young as 20. Even men are obtaining into the anti-aging game particularly as it relates to skin care.
Skin care advertising has taken on a lifetime of its own, aiming its arrow straight toward the "Baby Boomers" target. And they seem to be hitting the bulls-eye. This group of Baby Boomers makes up the largest portion of Yank shopper spending power and consequently takes the top spot as the money-creating demographic for these anti-aging skin care products.
This "market clout" is suddenly shaping and changing the landscape of many major industries, but none additional than the skin care marketing arena. Studies show that almost all Baby Boomers believe that their best years lie ahead so they are seeking solutions that address issues like health, look, energy, etc. Marketers have found it necessary to urge into the minds of this demographic and examine the core values, buying behaviors, and emotional factors affecting their purchases.
Who are they?
They are self-assured, they're in management of their lives and they continue to embrace the whole learning experience, now not content to spend their "golden years" sitting by a window and watching life pass them by. They're versatile, so they embrace change. They're receptive to new product, particularly in skin care offerings as a result of they feel youthful and wish to be perceived as such. And they have the money to pay on them.
This cluster of seventy seven million Baby Boomers represents the most important shopper group for anti-aging skin care products by virtue of their number and their spending power. By 2020, it's estimated that a quarter of the population will be over the age of 60. This shift can only turn out positive results for the marketers of skin care products, if they hear their target market and alter accordingly. This demographic is comprised of busy shoppers who need to work out fast, noticeable results.
Generally the primary target cluster for these anti-aging skin care merchandise is girls 35 and older; but, some skin care marketing is targeting a wider range of age groups with totally different products and messages. These are starting from "preventative" (for the younger population), to "treatment and repair" and "reducing the signs of aging" messages for the more mature phase of the target market. But most appear to be curious about the "natural" aspect of the products they are being offered.
Simply place, these Boomers are a captive, self-absorbed market with a way of entitlement that they're going to stay young and live forever, not seeing a future time once they can ever be "old."
Delivering the "Message"
Paging through any magazine - explicit those aimed at this demographic of Baby Boomers, one will see a mess of skin care advertising touting the advantages of their anti-aging products. Let's have a look at the message being delivered by a number of the key players in the skin care game.
"Would like age intervention? In simply 4 weeks facilitate redefine the curves and contours of your face. Now you can boost your skin's natural collagen."
"Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector"
"REM: Restores, Evens tone, Mends. Reduces the look of discoloration and wrinkles." (Their ads drive customers to a "personalized skin care consultation" at their website.)
"Do your hands give away your age? Retinol Correxion Hand Repair."
"The Promise: we tend to'll give you ten years back."
"Get up to firmer, younger-looking skin". "Firmer eyes for a younger outlook. Natural beauty is ageless."
"An important infusion of nutrients for maturing skin."
Perricone MD
"Ceramic Eye Smoother...New Anti-Aging Treatment"
"With menopause comes new changes. New strength. And new ways to comfort skin."
"When your hands look younger, therefore do you."
"Freedom from laugh lines."
This list actually may last and on, but the common message is clear. And marketers of skin care merchandise are really going to have to deliver the one-2 punch to interrupt through the muddle of product and messages being delivered to the present savvy group of consumers.

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