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The Amazing Results of Reflexology

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

Reflexology massage involves the stimulation of the feet, hands and ears. This occurs when the licensed massage therapist puts pressure onto certain areas of your feet, hands and ears. The reason for reflexology massage being specifically carried out in these parts of the body is that those parts of the body have key openings into internal and external portions of the body. These areas can greatly effect and help your body refresh itself. Reflexology can be a slightly painful process, but it is also a helpful one if carried out by licensed massage therapists.

Reflexology targets points in your feet, hands and ears that control other parts of your body.

You may feel the effects of this particular therapeutic massage not only outwardly, but inwardly as well. One way to think of the pathways of reflexology, which you will be taught about in massage school, is by zones. Each part of your feet and hands has regions that affect your body. Putting pressure on these certain points will affect your shock system and make you feel like a new person. A good massage therapist school will teach you all this and more.

Another interesting aspect of reflexology massage, is that this form of therapeutic massage can help reconnect your body with your mind. It may sound outlandish, but many times your mind is not in sync with the rest of your body. Licensed massage therapists will be able to correct this problem for you and make you feel a whole lot better.

Reconnecting your mind and body through reflexology can truly help you feel better and more put together. It is commonly known that if your body is healthy and feels better, your daily performance will be better as well.

Why is it important? Reflexology is important, for instance, because your feet control much of your body. For instance, your body's temperature is controlled by your feet. Reflexology carried out by someone who has studied hard at a good massage therapy school targets the pressure points that keep your body functioning properly.

What reflexology massage areas are found in your feet and hands? In your toes alone there are nerves that control your brain, voice and neck. The middle of your foot is connected to your heart and lungs; toward the bottom of your foot, pressure points affect your liver and kidneys.

Your hand controls you small intestine, bladder, spleen, and the sides of your head among other areas.

How was it discovered? Reflexology found its early development in the work of William H. Fitzgerald, M. D. around the 1900s. He decided to try these tactics on his patients. Further discovery was found by Eunice D. Ingham.

Some doctors today will suggest reflexology massage and may refer you to a licensed massage therapist, while others still prefer the traditional methods. There is no harm in reflexology; it is simply a matter of opinion. Some doctors are more open to homeopathic methods than others.

Licensed massage therapists who have studied at massage therapy colleges or massage therapy schools are the ones to perform this method.

Even though it may not be the main focus in a basic massage session, there is some kind of reflexology involved in most therapeutic massage sessions. In massage schools, massage therapists spend a number of hours studying reflexology. Some licensed massage therapists will even take additional courses to improve their knowledge and expertise in reflexology.

There are also official diplomas and massage therapy degrees that can be earned by a licensed massage therapist in just the study of Reflexology alone. Massage therapy jobs can likewise be obtained in just reflexology alone or in various aspects of therapeutic massage such as sports massage, acupressure and hand massage alongside reflexology massage.

Everyone would like to feel better. Massage therapists help make that happen and reflexology is another way to enhance your body's mental and physical wellbeing.

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