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The Air purifier that actually delivers on all that it claims, with immune boosting health benefits to help kick start your metabolism

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

The 5 most common and dangerous air pollutants, their deadly impact on our environment and more importantly, on our personal health and wellbeing, as revealed by the EPA These are 5 of the nastiest air pollutants which the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has listed as the most common and detrimental to our health. These pollutants in our air are known and proven to be extremely damaging to our health, and if exposure is not controlled, eventually we suffer the health consequences in the form of allergies, asthma, and other related respiratory problems.

1  One of the leading source of  air pollution is primarily produced by car exhausts, emissions from factories and also from  large scale industrial complexes Now these emissions, especially at ground level, which is where they do the most damage to us, are in the form of ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and others. Now these are not only a danger to our personal health and wellbeing but also as smog they contribute their share to the effects of global warming.

2   Large power plants especially those that burn coal, and in Australia, the ever present bush fires are responsible for producing microscopic particle matter often as small as 1 micron. Now these super fine particles are exceedingly bad because we can easily inhale them because they are small enough to pass the throat and nose barrier and settle deep within the lungs, which can in turn cause severe breathing difficulties.

3   Burning fuels which contain high levels of sulphur will produce the dangerous by-product of sulphur Dioxide. One of the primary contributors of this pollution is attributable to the burning of coal and oil. People who are most susceptible to this form of pollution are children, asthma sufferers, the elderly, those with a compromised immune system,and also people suffering from heart, lung and respiratory problems.

4  Some of the most deadly and dangerous gases are the silent and odourless ones such as the Nitrogen Oxides. The dirty coloured smog we often see enveloping many of the worlds major metropolitan cities is generally attributed to excess levels of Nitrogen Dioxide. This family of baddies, the likes of Nitrogen Dioxide,Nitrous Oxide, Nitric Acid and others in the nitrate family create smog in our lower atmosphere where we are directly affected, and in the upper atmosphere its known as acid rain. These deadly compounds are often linked to many of todays respiratory and health related allergies.

5  Carbon monoxide is another colourless and odourless deadly gas. This is a serious problem in our modern cities because unless testing is undertaken to monitor it's levels, we just aren't aware that we are actually breathing it in due to it's colourless and odourless composition. This particular nasty is created from incomplete burning of fossil fuels and research shows that over 50% of all emissions are produced by automobiles that run on gas. This gas as we all know is deadly when we breathe it in. So converting your car to run on gas maybe wasn't such a great idea.

So if we follow this further and ask ourselves this question, how does our body develop a disease, or should we say, WHY does it. The human body seem to be constantly under attack from all sorts of life threatening ailments. One thing we know for sure is that if our diet is bad and if we eat to much food we become fat ,and so we can see the consequences of a bad diet ,but what if we are constantly breathing in bad poisonous air, how can we tell if there are no immediate physical symptoms, then we could be slowly setting ourselves up for future serious health problems. Doesn't it make sense to take preventative action while we're still in good health rather than wait for problems to develop.

The best way i have found to alleviate many of the main nasties we are all exposed to in our day to day lives and especially in our homes and working environment is to use an air purifier, and the one i have personally tested, well actually i've tested quite a few brands, but the one i found that actually does a great job in eliminating up to 98% of all our indoor pollutants is the Swedish LightAir Air Purifier.This unit actually lives up to it's claims. We've received so many positive results, that such a cool looking unit can deliver such amazing results, you really need to see it to appreciate just how beneficial it truly is.

This Air Purifier from LightAir will actually eliminate and completely neutralize many of these dangerous indoor pollutants. So if your serious about improving your entire families health and wellbeing and serious about your long term health and vitality, then you have to look at the quality of the air you are breathing. it's simple, just click on this link to check it outhttp://www.buybestairpurifieraustralia.com.au

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