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The Aging Process Can be Slowed Down

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 64   |   Comments: 0

There is a new disease that is spreading panic among people; it is called growing old. While it is a perfectly natural process that is part of the lifecycle of humans, few are brave enough to accept it. After all, it is everyones dream to look young forever.

But why do we age at all?

Well, we live in an era of stressful and hectic lifestyles. Additionally, urban areas are generally impure and polluted. In the race to keep up with tight schedules, we can barely spare time to consume nutritious food. We survive on junk food. Water is no longer considered the elixir of life, a soft drink is! Thus, free radicals invade our bodies from the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the air around us. They damage cells and tissues, releasing toxins that result in aging. Today, even youngsters can succumb to premature aging.

Now, we cannot completely halt the process of aging, but with proper care and the right anti-aging products, we can definitely delay its arrival. It is imperative that the anti-aging products contain substances known as Anthocyanins. These are natural extracts of plants that can improve facial sagging to the extent of 82%. Secondly, anti-aging products should have something known as anti-oxidants that can battle these free radicals within our bodies.

After extensive research, cosmetologists came up with two breakthrough products that are 100% natural and produce wonderful results. One of them is known as the Acai Berry. It grows wild in South America. Agriculturists began cultivating it only recently, as it proved useful in blocking the growth of fat tissue within the human body. They profited, since this Berry was used to manufacture weight loss pills.

Further investigation revealed that Acai also contains Anthocyanins. It has the capacity to repair the molecular structure of damaged cells, cells that have succumbed to assault by free radicals. Scientists concluded that this Berry had the highest ORAC (Oxygen-Radical Absorbing Capacity) value of any plant type. Therefore, the strong anti-oxidants within the Acai Berry could definitely combat the signs of aging.

With a slightly lower ORAC value than the Acai Berry, the second product is SIRT 1. This is a protein that is created within the human body itself. All humans have a longevity gene or SIRT 1 gene in their bodies. Chemical substances known as peptides activate the longevity gene or SIRT 1 gene; as a result, SIRT 1 protein is created. Being rich in amino acid minerals and vitamins, this protein is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It has multiple functions, including the repair of damaged tissues in the skin.

So, the rejuvenating and replenishing of the skin are necessary to combat the visible signs of aging. And this is possible with the aid of beauty products that contain Anthocyanins and anti-oxidants. It is much cheaper to use beauty products on a regular basis than to go in for expensive cosmetic procedures such as lifting of the skin, Botox injections, and so on. Just a word of caution, thoughit is advisable to consult a dermatologist or professional beautician before going in for any kind of creams or lotions; each persons skin is different and responds differently to materials used on it.

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