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Tendinitis Causes and Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Tendinitis Causes and Treatment

Dr. Edward Holtman, D.C. 48+ Years Chiropractic/Tendinitis Treatment Specialist

There are many areas of the body where tendinitis can occur: Shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, groin, hip, knee, ankle, foot, and toe areas.

A tendon consists of white fibrous connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone. (Ligaments attach a bone to another bone). Some tendons are short, round, and small. Others are larger and flat.

Tendons are located where the action is. They attach a muscle to a bone near a joint and are responsible (in part) for the movement of that joint.

Because the tendons can't tolerate as much use, or over-use (punishment) as muscles can, they are the first to yell €œHelp! when hurting.

The reasons

The reasons for this tendon pain are numerous; over-use by work activities that require repetitive movements (perhaps all day). This includes factory work, ladder climbing, gardening, stair climbing, and computer work.

Over use through sporting activities such as tennis, golf, baseball, squash, and running. Recreational activities such as dancing, ballet, jumping rope, mountain climbing/rock climbing, marathon running, and walking.

Lack of Activity

Persons who have a sedentary life, or are retired are also at risk for tendinitis. There may be poor circulation to the muscles and tendons; the muscles tend to tighten with no or little activity, which in turn adversely affects the tendons.


Age can also contribute to the cause of tendinitis, because as we age we lose muscle mass, muscle strength, muscle tone, and muscle elasticity (stretch). This causes a constant strain on the tendons, consequently giving rise to the pain of tendinitis.

Direct Injury

Direct injury to the tendon and or muscle of the tendon, I.E. a factory worker or any other activity that would predispose the person to direct injury by something falling on them, or that person falling on some object.

My theory is €œThe root of the Tendinitis problem lies in the muscles!


It has been my experience that a great number of tendinitis victims have been repeatedly disappointed with the €œtherapies that have been available to them. So much so, that they have resorted to gimmick instruments and €œquick fix promises in a vain hope of achieving lasting results with their tendinitis pain.

Even the more accepted avenues of therapy have been disappointing. Medical treatment usually consists of anti-inflammitories, painkillers, cortisone injections, and elastic braces.

While the above procedures may help, they are often temporary.

q  Chiropractic

€œHands-on manipulation helps when there is a spinal or neurological component to the tendinitis. But often times there is not. Furthermore, the patient should be well or nearly well in six visits.

q  Acupuncture

This procedure can help relax muscles, but without a series of specialized stretching exercises to accompany it, the treatment is not complete.

q  Massage Therapy

This method is much the same as the acupuncture (above).

Throw the Book at It!

Rhetorically speaking, of course. Seriously though, the book €œCure Yourself of Tendinitis (At Home Now). discusses each and every area of the human anatomy that can develop tendinitis; How to locate, and treat each area, and best of all, it is in an easy-to-understand format with color illustrations. Order here

What the book, by Dr. Edward G. Holtman D.C. reveals:

1.    Discusses each and every area of the body where tendinitis can occur, and how to locate and treat each area.

2.    The all-important role that the body's muscles play in the onset and the treatment of tendinitis.

3.    What most physical therapists are doing to hurt or impede your progress with tendinitis!

4.    The basic theory, or principals, for treating tendinitis anywhere in the body!

5.    The reasons all health professionals have, thus far, failed to deliver lasting results with tendinitis (This should be embarrassing!)

6.    Why seniors develop tendinitis.

7.    How to treat your tendinitis yourself at home with lasting results and at a low cost.


Dr. Edward Holtman's Home self-treatment delivers lasting results! Dr. Holtman has over 40 years Chiropractic experience as well as 18 years experience in treating tendinitis locally, nationally, and internationally.

For more information on his methods:


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