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Temple Owls Tickets - Dimichele Makes Mvp for the Second Time

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

When the Owls management gathered at the Owl Club at the Sheraton Hotel, PA to announce the Most Valuable Player for the team, everyone knew that the result was a foregone conclusion. Adam DiMichele who has been superb nick for the second season in running was voted to bag the MVP title. And thus, when the name was announced, no surprise that the crowd were not stunned. Nor was Adam himself! Surely, they as much as Adam would have been expecting this title.

By receiving this award, Adam conveys four things to other footballers of the team.

1. Playing the game in a certain way is okay, but you should be respected by your peers for the style in which you play the game.

2. Playing the game is okay, but you should also be thinking about the development of the game for the team and the league.

3. Going to the field thinking that you could win a match is one thing. But playing a match thinking you could win is critical.

4. Leadership is important. At times, when the boat is unsteady, it is with the help of rock solid leadership that a team can overcome obstacles.

Needless to say, Adam had all these qualities in him, which is why he was chosen for the title of MVP, and for a second year in running at that.
All was not smooth sailing for Adam though this season. He had to struggle with his share of injuries. He though came out of it admirably and performed the way only Adam DiMichele can. In the 9 games that he played, Adam clocked 18 touchdowns. He threw 134 out of 231 attempts, which indicates a perfectly acceptable throw conversion of 58%. With his runs of 1,191 yards, you know that it had to be Adam Michele for his outstanding efforts to be awarded the title of MVP.

With the point being taken that Adam DiMichele had his share of injuries, it is worth pointing out that the games he missed, he was seen helping his players from the sidelines. It could have been a noble gesture, but having an experienced brain like him on the sidelines always helps the morale of the players of the field. Sample this ? Of the 5 games Adam did not play in, the Temple Owls won 4 of them.

Adam was fast, furious, aggressive last season but of all of them, he had the brains. He never latched on to a ball for too long. And most of his passes were productive at that. It is just so difficult to match up to the caliber of Adam. The best you could do is stand a fair distance and say, ?Well played Adam!? And hope that one day; we are able to reach where Adam has!

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