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Tamanu Oil - Wonder Cure Or Hype?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Tamanu oil is a natural extract that is making quite a buzz in the media recently. The oil is extracted from an native tree of South East Asia and the Pacific and has been used for centuries for curing and aiding skin issues locally. The oil has now made its way to the West and is taking the cosmetics world by storm; it was even featured on the Oprah show recently. So what is this oil really about?

Tamanu oil is extracted from the nuts of the Ati tree found in most of South East Asia and the Pacific islands. The tree and its leaves have been used by the local population for centuries, but the extraction and use of oil originates from the tropical paradise island of Tahiti. The nun Sister Marie Suzanna discovered the benefits of the oil as early as 1911, when she used it to treat leprosy at the small island of Makongai.

Tamanu Oil has countless of uses. The nun Sister Marie-Suzanne was the first western person to discover its amazing ability to heal skin diseases when she used it to treat leprosy on the Fijis. Since then, the oil has been used for more and more ailments, treating everything from ring worm, athletes foot even sunburn and boils.

Tamanu oil has many widely accepted uses. The indignious people of Papa New Guinea uses it as a primitive, yet effective, anti-biotic to threat sores and cuts on the skin. The uses of the oil go far beyond that though. It is an effective moisturizer, can clear up acne and treat other skin conditions such as enzema.

However amazing these uses are, in the West, the oil is now being introduced primarily as a supplement to use for perfect smooth skin. The oil, though thick, is easily absorbed into the skin and will help alleviate any skin conditions such as rash, enzema, pimples and even acne, while making the skin silky smooth. It also works wonders on cracked or dry skin, since it works as a moisturizer. If you are one of the many Americans who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on skin creams and moisturizers, then Tamanu oil may be a much healthier, much cheaper and much more effective purchase.

Tamanu oil is all the talk at the moment and for once, it actually seems like this natural ingredient may deliver on its promise!

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