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Talents and Career in Palmistry

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One of the most rewarding palm reading experiences I've had is helping someone find the right career. It's sad to read people's palms who are unhappy with their careers. Some people have been stuck in the same career for twenty or thirty years, but have no idea what they should be doing.

A palmist can not say: €œYou will be working as a clerk in an insurance company, but can tell the person the type of work they would be happier doing. Naturally, if the person enjoys their work, they'll be more successful.

It's very gratifying to read a teenager's palm that has no idea what career to pursue and help direct them towards a particular career path.

A few years ago, I had a twenty year old client who was about to start studying engineering in Sweden. After reading his palms, I realised he would be a successful business man.

After several years, he phoned me and asked me I was interested in joining his Multi Level Marketing organisation. He was now a very successful businessman and had a large number of people in his organisation. He started out as a civil engineer, but his interests turned to business. I felt extremely happy that I saw this in his palms and was able to help guide him.

Hand Shapes

The hand's shape gives us the first clue to a positive career choice. Someone with a square palm needs to be in a practical field. If this person has a good Destiny Line he or she would do well in management or business. If the palm is oblong, the person will be imaginative and will need opportunities to utilize his or her thoughts and ideas.

Air Hand

Someone with an Air Hand will be happy in a field where they can communicate with others. Radio broadcasting, television announcing, teaching and sales would all be good career choices for this person. They'll actively use the analytical side of their brain and be reliable and conscientious.

Fire Hand

Someone with a Fire Hand is more likely to be outgoing than an Air Hand. The person with a Fire Hand will use intuition to make quick decisions. He or she will need change, variety and some way to express them selves. They would be good at sales or any other career where they're left to €œget on with it.

Earth Hand

If your client has an Earth Hand they'll enjoy repetitive tasks and relish practical work. This person will be reliable, honest and have hands that can think for themselves. They would be happy as a carpenter, plumber, mechanic or any field where they can use their head and hands.

Water Hand

Someone with a Water Hand will need pleasant surroundings and work that provides aesthetic pleasure. If this person is creative, they'll be able to develop this talent, but may need constant encouragement from family and friends to keep working. Suitable careers would include interior design, fashion and theatre.


The mounts reveal what a person likes doing, so they're extremely helpful in vocational analysis.

Jupiter Mount

If the person has a strong Jupiter Mount, they'll be enthusiastic, proud, and ambitious. They'll be happy running their own business or managing someone else's. They'll do well in politics, the church, athletics or any field where their ambitions are given plenty of scope.

Saturn Mount

You won't find many palms with Saturn as the main mount. Someone with this formation will prefer to work on their own in a peaceful environment. This person will be more comfortable living in a small town instead of a big city. Consequently, they'd make a good farmer, horticulturist or landscape gardener. They may have an interest or career in mathematics or engineering. An interest in the occult could lead this person into making a living as a psychic or teacher.

Apollo Mount

If the strongest mount is the Apollo mount, the person will almost always be positive and happy. They'll have a quick mind and work hard to achieve success. This person will be creative and could have a career that uses these skills. No matter what occupation this person chooses, it will reflect their love of beauty.

Mercury Mount

Someone with a dominant Mercury Mount, will be shrewd and have good business sense. If this person is interested in science, they'll make a good doctor or scientist. Their quick thinking, ability to work hard, and exceptional speech skills make a law career a natural option. In business, they'll be innovative and hard working. They'll always be several steps ahead of the competition.

Venus Mount

If Venus is the main mount, the person will be sympathetic, understanding and full of energy. They won't take life too seriously and will always try to look on the bright side. This person would make a good retailer, as long as they like what they're selling. The most enthusiastic grocer I've ever met was a striking example of a Venusian. He adored the grocery business and considered himself fortunate to work in the field. This person would also do well in a philanthropic field, where their sympathy and sense of fair play could be used.

Mars Mount

When Mars is the dominant mount, the person will be boisterous, aggressive and courageous. They'll be adventurous and remarkably logical in dangerous situations. Naturally, this person would do well in the armed forces, police force, security, or any field offering variety and plenty of excitement.

Luna Mount

As Luna governs the imagination, someone with a dominant Luna Mount, will excel in a creative career. This person will be good with the written word, but since they lack confidence, they'll find the spoken word difficult. If they're interested in music, they may enjoy playing or composing. They could also be a good travel writer or consultant as they have a strong desire to travel.


D'Artepigny, a French army officer, was the first to devise a system for classifying palms. He was particularly interested in the fingers and noticed a striking contrast between artist's fingers and scientist's fingers.

He noticed that artists generally had smooth fingers while scientists had knotted ones. D'Artepigny was sufficiently intrigued with his discovery to carry on and become the first €œmodern palmist.

Long Fingers

People with long fingers will be happiest in careers where they can immerse themselves in detail. My bank manager and my accountant both have long fingers which is great because I want them to take great care of my money!

Someone with long, tapering fingers will avoid manual work, if at all possible.

Short Fingers

People with short, square fingers will be the opposite to long fingered people. These people enjoy a €œhands-on job. Mechanics, carpenters, and gardeners often have short fingers.

Success in Business

You will find self-employed people with every possible variation of hand. A plumber will have a very different hand from a tailor, who likewise will have a different hand from a salesperson.

However, if someone is going to do well in business he or she will have a number of points in common with other successful business people. The first of these is a strong thumb, the larger the better. This gives determination and the desire to succeed.

A good business person will need a Destiny line, as this will give direction and focus to his life. Occasionally, someone without a Destiny line achieves great success, but this is very rare. What will have happened is that this person will have been ambling along quite happily and chanced upon something that led him or her to success. The presence of a Destiny line gives the person a road map to follow.

He or she will also need a strong, straight Mercury finger as every business requires communication skills of one sort or another. A long Mercury finger also gives shrewdness and financial acumen.

A good length Jupiter finger will show how ambitious the person is. One person will be content owning a corner delicatessen, whilst another will not rest until he or she has a hundred of them.

As well as this the business person will need the various qualities necessary in the field he or she has chosen. Someone with a broad hand containing few lines, wide apart fingers with spatulate tips, and an angle of practicality on the thumb would last only a few days cooped up in an office. This person needs to be out of doors and would be happy and successful I careers such as farming or seafaring.


Fortunately, every one of us is different and I believe that everyone has a talent or special ability of some sort. Usually when we talk of talents, we refer to creative abilities and many people are blessed in this way.

However, most people do not do anywhere near as much with their talents as they could. There are a number of reasons for this, The talent may be unrecognized. The talent may not be approved of by the person`s family. I once read the palms of a male ballet dancer of Oslo, Norway who did not take up dancing until his twenties because of his father`s strong disapproval. Lack of motivation is the main reason people do not develop their talents. I am continually told by clients to whom I have pointed out a talent that they do not have time to work on it. This is simply an excuse. We can all find time to do the things we want to do.

As well, most talents require a sacrifice of some sort. Very few people are prepared to practice the piano for eight hours a day in the hope of ultimately becoming a successful concert pianist. It is the same with athletics. If someone wants to become a champion swimmer he or she is going to have to spend countless hours in the pool swimming up and down whilst friends are out having fun. It require considerable dedication and plain hard work, so matter how talented the person may be.

Artistic Ability

You are now familiar with the general indications of creativity on the palm To determine if this creativity is expressed through painting and drawing we look first at the Apollo finger. If this finger is strong, with a good mount at it`s base and a long first phalange with a broad tip on it, we have someone with ability in this area. A long second phalange will provide a good sense of colour. You will always find this sign on people with good taste in clothes.

We also need to check the lowerhalf of the palm to see how imaginative the person is. Ideally, the Mount of Luna will be strong, helping to create a curve of creativity on the percussion side of the palm.

If the person wants to be financially successful from art, he or she will need a longer than average little finger, a strong thumb and a reasonably wide palm. If these business indications are absent, this person would be better working for others as a staff artist, or perhaps using it as a hobby rather than a career.

Writing Ability

Writing is a branch of communication and we look first for a good-sized little finger. The second phalange should be the most prominent. If the Head line curves up to the Mount of Luna, the person will be a creative writer with a talent for fiction. If the Head line runs straight across the palm the talent will lie more with non-fiction. Fiction writers should have a well-developed lower half of the hand with strong Luna and Venus mounts.

Poets also need a strong sense of rhythm and rhyme which is indicated by the angle of pitch at the base of the thumb.

Acting Ability

Actors need to express themselves, so a good tip on the Mercury finger is essential. Ideally the fingers should be smooth and tapering to allow the emotions to be expressed. The hand should be as wide as possible to give the person confidence and the ability to push for him or herself. This is very important for long-term success in an extremely difficult field.

Character actors are likely to have knotted fingers. Comedians and actors in comic roles will have well developed mounts of Mercury and Luna. The whole percussion side of the hand should be well marked.

Musical Ability

An entire book could be written on determining the different types of musical talent in the hand which makes it hard to even attempt a few lines on the subject.

Singing ability in indicated be perfectly round fingers and a thumb containing both the angles of practicality and pitch. A good sized Mount of Venus gives a love of melody and the Luna mount harmony. For success in this field the person should also have a good length Apollo finger and a pronounced Apollo mount.

To be successful as a player of a musical instrument the person will need the angles of practicality and pitch, plus strong Venus and Luna mounts. Successful instrumentalists can be found with every possible shape of hand, though players of stringed instruments are usually possessors of Air and Water hands. Players of percussion instruments usually have Earth hands with broad fingertips.

In addition, talented musicians are likely to have a loop of music, loop of response or loop of stringed music.

Dancing Ability

Dancers need to be able to respond to rhythm and time, making the two angles of practicality and pitch essential. The Life line needs to come well across a preferably wide palm, giving stamina and energy. Venus and Luna mounts should be high and firm, enabling the person to lose him or herself in the dance.

A jazz dancer is likely to have pointed or conic fingertips, emphasizing inspiration and the ability to improvise. A dancer with square tips will be able to do exactly what is required and will perform previously memorized steps perfectly.

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