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Take This Job And Shove It!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 170   |   Comments: 0

Sometimes we have to come to that fateful decision to "take this job and shove it!" Before we make such a decision we often have to debate with ourselves the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. This isn't always easy as the worker rarely knows what his or her managers are actually thinking.

Consider the amount of time you have come across people who are truly unhappy in their jobs. In most cases we say to ourselves, "what a disgruntled jerk!" Then we assume that they are actually the problem when in fact it may very well be the place that they work. In these cases the employee almost always seems to be the recipient of the blame.

Signs that You Should Find Another Job:

1.) No Respect for Your Work: When your bosses don't give you any respect for the extra work you do. If you are doing what is minimally required you have no argument but if you are going above and beyond the normal call of duty for some time and they aren't respecting your opinion then consider moving on to somewhere else.

2.) Passed up for a Promotion You Earned: If you honestly earned a promotion but were sidelined for political reasons or because your boss wanted to get his best friend's daughter into the workplace then you should consider leaving.

3.) When your pay falls Behind Everyone Else's: If you are a hard worker, do your job well but don't create problems in the workplace and because of this easy going nature your pay keeps falling behind everyone else's then you may consider having someone else pay you more.

4.) Constant Poor Treatment by Your Manager: If your manager doesn't respect you as a person then you should consider moving on. This manager may publicly berate you, dislike you because of your personal lifestyle, or continually bombard you with criticism you might consider changing your employer. Even if they are right chances are you aren't going to be there much longer anyway.

5.) Discrimination: You might be Mexican, East Asian, Arab, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or any other minority in the country and find that you are subject to different work rules then everyone else. There comes a time when you need to look out for your own interest and move on.

6.) Dead End Job: Sometimes you might work in a field where you are in a dead end job within the organization. You simply can't move or go anywhere else because there is no position. If the company doesn't want to create a position then you can consider moving on.

Moving to a new company can be either a positive action or a negative one. Each time you move to a new company you have a higher chance of earning more income but you also take a risk that you won't work out in the long run. Weigh your options and be strategic about the decisions because sometimes the current company you are working for is willing to work with you to get the advancement opportunities you need.

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