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Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks Can Be Eliminated Without Medication or Expensive Therapy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

If you've have had an anxiety attack you will be all too familiar with the frightening symptoms of anxiety attacks. The following list contains many symptoms.

This is not an exhaustive list nor has anyone ever experienced all of these symptoms in a single anxiety attack episode. I experienced several of them at the same time and it was frightening.

Anxiety attacks typically lasts a few seconds to a few hours but it feels much longer than it really is. The intense feelings can leave you feeling scared and nervous for days, weeks or months wondering when the next episode will happen.

It's impossible to predict how long one will last because every one of us is unique and our responses to it differ one from another.

The good news is the the symptoms of anxiety attacks can end for good without the use of medications.

Here is a list of symptoms. It is not exhaustive nor had anyone ever experienced all of them at one time of over a life time.

§ Feeling of terror, terrified
§ Dizzy spells
§ Tightness in your throat or chest. You may feel like you are having a heart attack
§ Lump in the throat sometimes accompanied by a choking sensation
§ Shortness of breath
§ Racing heart with tingling sensations in your hands, feet, or your whole body
§ Hot flushes or chills followed by waves of panic or anxiety
§ Obsessive worries and unwanted thoughts race through your mind
§ Don't feel connected to what is going on around you
§ You have an overwhelming feeling you are losing control
§ Intense feelings of dread, something bad is going to happen to you
§ You have an sudden urgent need to go to the bathroom
§ Blushing or lose of skin color
§ Sweating more than you ordinarily do
§ Shaking visibly or on the inside
§ Nausea
§ Feeling faint or light headed
§ Feel like you are going crazy
§ Tension in the stomach
§ When the attack is over you fear another one will come

These anxiety attack symptoms cannot harm you but they can sure make life miserable. I thought I was having a heart attack but in reality I was experiencing an exaggerated response to a fear producing thought.

The good news is you do not have to put up with these symptoms. You can be in complete control and eliminate these symptoms for good without the use of medications or expensive therapy.

I struggled through on my own and eventually got rid of them but it took much longer than necessary. I wish I had heard about Joe Barry and his struggles with anxiety/panic attacks and the cure that he found which eliminated the symptoms of anxiety attacks permanently. It would have made life a lot easier for me and my family.

Click on a cure for the symptoms of anxiety attacks without medications and begin enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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