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Surviving Ragweed Season

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

Ragweed Season in the US is mid August to end of October.

This fall season brings one of the worst allergens into full swing. The culprit is hay fever caused by Ragweed pollen.  The 2010 season is upon us and for the 36 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies Ragweed can be one of the worst.

Ragweed is a member of the sunflower family. The pollen from the male ragweed plant is an extreme allergen. Each ragweed plant produces about a billion pollen grains each season and these tiny grains travel in the wind for up to 400 miles because they are very light.

There are seven steps you can take to help make the Ragweed season more tolerable:

1)      Begin allergy medications now- Most allergist recommend taking your allergy medicine before symptoms start, be proactive.

2)      Keep doors and windows closed in your home and car-this limits air exchange with the outdoors. Run the air conditioner to decrease humidity and filter the air.

3)      Change air filters weekly-During allergy season keep your air filter as clean as possible.  If you have allergies be sure to ask someone who doesn't to remove and dispose of the filter for you.

4)      Install a whole house air cleaner-Whole house air cleaners can be installed in your homes air conditioning and heating system. These air cleaners can remove up to 99.9% of airborne pollens. They can provide true relief from allergy symptoms. Consult a local air conditioning contractor for a free estimate.

5)      Bathe pets-Any pets that spend time outdoors may track in pollen in their fur and on their feet.  Regular bathing will help to reduce the amount of pollen they bring indoors.

6)      Save the yard work for low pollen days-Be aware of the daily pollen counts and avoid doing outdoor work on extreme pollen count days.

7)      Wear a face mask-If you must be outdoors, especially on windy days wear a pollen mask.

There is no way to completely eliminate Ragweed allergies, but with a little forethought you can make it more bearable.

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