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Surprising Vertigo Facts - Did You Know?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Vertigo is a feeling one feels that either the body is moving or the surrounding around that person is moving in a circular motion. This can be very irritating if it occurs again and again and could leave patients frustrated. Vertigo also known as balance disorder can affect the person of any age group but people in their sixties are more prone to this disorder. Benign positional vertigo is not a dangerous disorder but may become dangerous if it is left undiagnosed. A vertigo attack may be fatal if it comes while driving or when a person is on work.

Signs and Symptoms of Vertigo:

Dizziness: Dizziness is the main symptom of every type of vertigo. The patient feels weaker and sometimes falls down if the impact of vertigo is serious.

Vomiting:  This is another major sign and symptom of vertigo. It occurs in the advanced stages of vertigo and can lead to weakness and stomach upset. One should consult the doctor immediately if vomiting is very frequent as this may be a sign of vertigo.

Hearing loss: Partial hearing loss is another sign of vertigo. If you are suffering from dizziness and feels problem in hearing then this is the symptom of benign positional vertigo.

Ringing of Ears: Ringing of ears for a longer time gives the sign that there may be a problem which is vertigo. A continuous ringing sound in the ears points towards benign positional vertigo.

Spinning of head: Spinning of head is the most common symptom of vertigo. Patients feel this problem in almost all the cases of vertigo. It Is not very serious but may cause some serious injuries if the attack is serious and long lasting.

By keeping a check on the above mentioned sign and symptoms of vertigo we can easily diagnose vertigo on time and cure vertigo effectively.

Curing Vertigo Effectively:

Vertigo can be cured effectively with the help of natural remedies and other treatment methods:

Medication: Medications are used to treat all the causes of vertigo and thus it helps in treating vertigo effectively. Meclizine is the drug used commonly for treating vertigo. This medicine is not preferred very much as it may cause allergic reactions. It can cause constipation, blurred vision etc.

Physical therapy to cure vertigo: Physical therapy is very commonly used by physicians to treat vertigo. It is preferred as it has no side effects and gives very good results. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is one such therapy used to treat balance disorder.

Ginger: Ginger is a very good home remedy used to cure vertigo. It controls the flow of blood to the brain thus helping in fighting balance disorder and vertigo.

Ginko Biloba: This is also used very commonly to treat vertigo.  It controls the blood flow towards the brain thus curing balance disorder or positional vertigo.

With the help of these treatments vertigo can be cured effectively.

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