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Super styles

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Dancing is constantly evolving and becoming more diverse.  Those with a passion for dancing are constantly coming up with amazing new moves, and teaching others how to perform them.  Whilst there are numerous traditional dances that are still enjoyed by many (for example ballet or country dancing), there are a growing number of new styles which reflect modern cultures and musical tastes.  That is not to say that there is no cross over between the modern and older styles - on of the beauties of dance is that the potential to combine different styles is almost limitless.

As dance moves and styles change over time, so too do dance clothes.  Traditional ballet outfits are suited to their own specific style, allowing for freedom of movement and, of course, the instantly identifiable appearance. Those who participate in newer kinds of dance want their clothing to be easily recognisable, helping audiences to understand their style and to help convey a dance's origins.  Though some ballet garments are used in popular culture (for example night clubbers wearing neon coloured tutus), there is usually a big difference in appearance between traditional dance wear and everyday wear.  More recently, however, some people started performing dances in ordinary clothes, as a lot of urban styles originated in cultures with certain dress styles.  In response to the need for trendy looking gear which looks at home worn every day, but which also allows a dancer to perform, dance wear manufacturers starting producing items such as dance sneakers.

Dance sneakers have the fashionable looks and comfort of trainers, but are specifically designed to work for dancers.  There are numerous styles available to match most tastes and dance requirements.  Some are designed to give ankles extra protection, allowing for more energetic or daring moves.  Like some other kinds of dance shoes, dance sneakers are available with split soles.  These allow extra flexibility in the foot, while still offering the foot protection of a thick rubber sole.  The variety of colours and textures is incredible - although the majority of dance sneakers are black, there are variations in a multitude of colours, and from a number of trusted brands.

Those with a natural aptitude for dance really appreciate the expertise and specialist knowledge which goes into the design of dance wear in general.  

The growing trend for dance garments to look €˜street smart' and fashionable is leading a lot of new people into the world of dance as well - some may have decided that ballet, jazz or tap was not for them, but still had an interest in learning the skills.  Hip hop style moves are challenging but are also considered €˜cool' by youngsters, and provide good exercise.  Those who want to learn can find the array of colourful and attractive garments encouraging, knowing they can wow their audiences with dazzling clothes as well as an amazing performance.  Enjoying dance is really important, and new styles and fashions are allowing more and more people from a diverse range of background to find their place in the dance community.

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