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Struggling Online? Change Your Online Business Model Like I Did

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

I am an experienced and successful entrepreneur in the offline world but when I first decided to start a business online I was very sceptical and my experience involved lurching from one failure to another which seemed to bear me out.

I started with becoming an affiliate for various Clickbank products and was lured by the big commissions promised. I built my blogs, generated traffic and drove scores of visitors to the Clickbank vendor's sales page. The result was a sporadic sale which did result in a good commission but nothing consistent enough or often enough to rely on and which resulted in a very poor return for the amount of effort and time expended.

I then decided to try the physical products market and became an affiliate at Amazon. Not deterred by the small commission rates on offer I decided if there were enough sales then I would not mind provided it was a good, consistent source of income. This resulted in more sales for my various blogs but the commission rate starting at 4% meant that I would need a huge level of sales to generate a reliable income.

Finally I decided I would become an Adsense publisher as a last throw of the dice. I would have done so before maybe but the small value of the income derived from visitor's clicks on the Adsense blocks prevented me from doing so. But now I was desperate and ready to throw in the towel.

My start was inauspicious but I found it relatively easy to get my sites ranked well in Google because I was focussing on only products, not ideas or nebulous concepts or information. I started with building about 5 sites and saw a trickle of income; determined not to quit I built 5 more and then 5 more and my income was still a trickle.

Just as I was about to throw my hat at the whole internet marketing thing one site appeared on the first page of Google. A trickle of income became a flood (relative to before) and that one site stopped me from quitting.

Since then I have built more sites and have seen my income gradually rise and rise in a pretty consistent fashion and the great thing about the Adsense publishing program is that it is incredibly easy to implement.

The basic model is to build a simple blog around a well searched product, provide good, unique content and information and get your blog ranked well in Google through article marketing and backlinking. That's it.

A properly set up blog with the Adsense block in the best location on your site will see a click through rate of up to 20% which will see your publishing empire growing slowly but surely over time..if you don't quit.

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