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Stress Reduction Exercises For Headaches and Anxiety

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Like many of you, often times I get tension related to my long work days. Being a massage therapist I've figured out how to rid myself of much of these difficulties.

I'll let you in on some stress reduction exercises that I do regularly throughout my day. While working, most of us get wound up. Our bodies and minds get frazzled and we meander into a state of too much polarity. That is when it is time to come back to the center. In the center is peace. It is not left. It is not right. It is not male, female, hot, cold, democrat or republican. In the center are Mother Nature, the universe and God. When you come to the center with body, mind and soul then you regenerate and give yourself the energy to press on. You also give yourself the ability to connect with creation thus allowing transmission/reception of energy to abound.

Stop whatever you are doing and take a deep breath. Arch your back and roll your head and shoulders around. Visualize serenity. Concentrate on releasing... letting go. Put your hands together connecting left and right to create ONE. Now stand up and shake the arms and legs (Chi Gong) and flop them against the body while twisting. You are a rag doll and you are unscrewing the pent up energy residing within.

The spiritual goal: You have no cares because you know that this life is just a test. Part of the test is to see how much FAITH you have. If you have faith then you are not afraid, you are not angry, you are not worried, you are not anxious about anything. You are smart enough to know that you have things to do in this life and that you need to take care of yourself by taking little CENTERING BREAKS throughout your day. The body is a tool for you to progress. Tools require regular maintenance.

Breathe. Think about getting soft and easy. Where is the tension? Rub out the tension with the hands and flick it away with the fingers. Breathe. Slide your fingers through your hair and back to the neck. Squeeze and roll. Stretch your facial muscles and rub your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and ears. Oh my Jah. Now you are getting really unwound. Touch your toes and then reach for the sky. (Definitely do all this outside if it's nice enough.) Do it again. Touch toes and reach for the sky several times. Dance if you like. Flow. You are an incredible manifestation of life energy!

Understand that life is precious. Our Earth is a speck in the universe. To be a human being and have the opportunity to excel in a time of incredible transformation is a blessing and worth every moment of blissful relaxation possible! This "time out" will allow you to go back out, fire it up, and joyfully accomplish all that you need to do that day!

Know that you deserve to release and replenish and then do it. Your body is like a rechargeable battery that needs to recharge regularly...not just at night but also in little intervals throughout the day.

Put your hands on your thighs and arch your back and shoulders. Now roll it over like a cat... hanging the arms way down. Do it again. Let it go. Maybe you have emotional issues that need to go too. If you are mad at something or somebody, take a deep breath and blow it out...visualizing the release of angry energy. Shake your body and hang... flopping the arms down to the ground. Now fall down and roll like you're a dog in long grass. Twist and uncork. Stretch. Open the hands as wide as possible and then make fists. Tuck into a ball and squeeze the legs. Now let go and spread eagle arms and legs open to the sky. Point the toes and then flex them up to the body. Figure out as many of these techniques as you can on your own.

There are so many ways to unwind the body and mind. Now you understand the basic nature of this important stress buster exercise. All you have to do is do it. Do it every day as often as necessary. Now that I'm done writing this article I'm going to do some myself! Yea!

http://www.vitalitymassage.net Brett Rodgers, owner of Vitality Massage in Asheville, NC.

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