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Stop Wrinkles Today

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 36   |   Comments: 0

To see why, consider this thought experiment: Imagine if there was a vaccine that cost and you can go to the doctor's office and get injected with him, he would never do another day older even if you live forever.

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A huge percentage of the population could be useful in this aging vaccine, but in a short time, we are beginning to have a real problem of people in the new world, because all people born per hour quickly, but barely ' No matter who dies of old age. Soon, it was evident, with all the adults in society who say, those who have achieved inmotalidad - which determines the resources of the planet Earth can support only a fixed number of people, therefore, to support the lives of all on those already there, they will have to limit new births.

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You can see where it goes. With the limitation of new births, constantly introduce new blood and new ideas into our civilization. All seniors would be immortal forever friction, the consumption of all resources and new laws to promote birth limit. At the time, their ideas, conviction and energy outdated monopoly would never be, either. That, you see, is a whip for all mankind.

Why? Since this is the revival and re-culminacio'n of new ideas, new genetic combinations and new philosophies that give us any hope of improving things in the future. If, as a civilization, continue doing things the way they have always done, we 're not going to get any different results. Expanding our collective life to infinity certainly should not say that our quality of life is better, or that our chances of survival as a species on this planet are bigger.

The search for inmotalidad is responsible for multiple levels of risk. Pueblo romantic love the idea of living forever, but do not consider the consequences of what might happen to our species if, in fact, inmotalidad was cheap, and probably for the masses.

Fortunately, it is exceedingly difficult to master technology, and the 'n I see many practical uses of a vaccine for the anti-aging in our lives. He contradicts means that 'm from the doesn I 't the concept of anti-aging most people think of him, which simply means stay active and healthy in the years after life. The 'm good for this because I enhances the quality of life, but she does anyway immortal of the people. At the same time, I believe that if true, always true to live technology were launched into world today, it would be a disaster for humanity.

Our best hope for the future is that each one teaches us something useful, is communicated to the next generation, then how leaves make room for new people with new ideas that can, if they are all well done a better job protecting this planet (and their inhabitants) us. Death is not just a normal cycle important, the most important thing he ever wants to many people who now conducts energy. Have you noticed, for example, how a majority of members of Congress-these are the seniors who are completely out of touch with the people who claimed to represent?

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