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Steam Showers Can Do Wonders For Your Family If You Can Take Certain Precautions

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0

All you need to be a proud owner of a steam shower is a sizable bathroom and a little cash at hand. A typical model consists of a small enclosure that offers typical feature of a bathroom shower, but has a humidifying steam generator producing water vapor that circulates within the enclosure in addition. The steam disperses around the person taking the shower relieving pains, destroying pathogens, revitalizing the body and doing more. Truly, a steam shower can benefit us in many ways. However, one has to keep certain factors in mind to get the full benefit.

It is true that a steam shower revitalizes the body, but it also true that it can harm you a lot if you do not take some simple precautions. Let us talk about them now:
Pregnant women should never take steam shower. You can suffocate and harm your unborn baby,
Small children or people with cardio vascular diseases should never try it either. They can suffocate and die.
It can have adverse effect if you are taking some specific drugs. Talk to your doctor first.
Do not have steam shower if you are high on alcohol. It is better to sleep it off.
Do not use it if you are too tired. Rest a little before entering the steam shower.
Taking steam shower after heavy meal is as dangerous as taking it on empty stomach.
Do not use it if you have cuts and bruises.

If however, you are breathless due to nasal congestion, head for the steam shower instead. It will do you good. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water that is being used to produce the vapor and you will soon find that you are feeling much better than you did when you first came in. That is different. We are talking about breathlessness due to cardiac or asthmatic problem here. Do not use steam shower in such a case, but suppose you were alright when you entered and started feeling breathless after some time. Normally, your body tells you when to switch off and get out. Listen to it. See a doctor if it happens regularly and at the same time, try adjusting the temperature or the steam inflow.

Steam showers are indeed a blessing for those who know how to use them. If used correctly, a session in the shower alleviates stress, improves blood circulation, eases muscle tension and pain, relieves joint pains and stiffness, cleans out pores, enhances immune system, to name a few. However, do not rush into your daily chores as soon as you come out of the steam shower. Rest a while to let your body cool and be acclimatized to normal temperature before you start your everyday jobs.

When you rest after the steam shower, the body temperature automatically comes down and you will feel rejuvenated. There another way of getting the body temperature down after the steam shower, and that is by having a cool shower. The warm and cool action of the steam and cool water will have tremendous positive effect on the body, mind and soul. Some people feel that having a steam shower will cut down on their weight. Well, it may happen for a temporary period and you will feel very good during that period.

For people who are obese, steam showers is a very good way to get back in shape and not to forget that they also need to do some physical activity. Most obese people feel that sitting in the steam shower and doing no other work will make them thin and lean. In fact, if the diet is not controlled, it will be very difficult for the obese people to reduce their weight. As there is lots of water loss in the form of sweat, it is recommended that you have a glass or two of water.

The water that you drink before the steam showers, needs to be pure and unsweetened. If you have access to fresh fruit juices, you can try having one glass of fresh juice before the you go into the steam shower. The consumption of water also needs to be kept on a check. You will have to keep sufficient water ready if there are possibilities of water cuts or water shortages. When you are buying the steam showers, make sure that you see
Power consumption
Water consumption

Some steam showers are so elegant to look at that they simply bowl you over. Do not let that happen to you. Make sure it has all the safety feature that it promises to have. The ideal steam shower should not only be great to look at, but also safe to you use and must give you trouble free service year after year. Radio, CD, MP3, or answering telephone only makes the experience richer. They are not integral part of the system.

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