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Stay Youthful As Long As You Want

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0
If there is an anti-aging pill, it has to be proper exercise. Proper exercise (strength building and maintaining exercise) has been shown to slow the aging process through reduced cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress levels, insulin levels and osteoporosis risk. This special type of exercise helps maintain vital hormones, increases oxygen utilization, burns body fat and increases self esteem.

But exercise is not magic, it's 'work. It is the physical work or movement that our ancestors used to do on a daily basis but we no longer need to because of technology and mechanization which has robbed us of the means that our bodies need to stay healthy and well. To stop premature and accelerated aging we need to put back this movement so our bodies have the stimulation the cells need to instruct them to repair, rebuild and renew.

The easy way to do this is with strength training exercise which can reverse muscle and bone loss caused through our reduced activity levels to make our body's work better and become leaner. When challenged by strength training exercise, the body is stimulated to produce human growth hormone, a hormone that has been shown to slow the aging process and keep you young.

When you perform muscle building and toning exercise your muscles, bones and every other cell in your body will have good reason to renew and rebuild as they are being challenged to stay strong and healthy, sweeping away old and degenerated cells and tissue. This allows the rejuvenation and rebuilding of new tissue that is younger, stronger, and healthier.

By elevating hormones that have declined with age with the working of our muscles we can not only stimulate youthful responses we can stop and even reverse the muscle tissue loss that starts happening in our mid 20's unless we are doing the right exercise to halt it.

As much as 35 to 50 percent of muscle mass can disappear from our body between the ages of 20 and 80. You will see this in the decreased width on your upper thigh muscles from age 30 onwards. If you stand side on to a mirror you can see if your upper leg looks thinner. This muscle loss is important to the body and its health. It means less heat and fat burning potential, fatigue problems, immune weakness and increased disease risk and a susceptibility to injury.

Although exercise is an important anti aging tool not all forms of activity are intense enough to release 'youth' hormones. Low intensity activities like walking or '20 minutes on the bike' may raise the heart rate but will not bring about the release of the special 'fitness' hormones that bring about metabolic efficiency and fat loss and help diminish the tell tale signs of aging.

What is needed is a consistent program of strength training exercise. Short sustained bursts of anaerobic workouts (weight training or interval training) that create an oxygen deficit in the muscles shifting them from burning carbohydrates to burning fat.

This kind our exercise increases our metabolic rate and keeps it elevated for days after the exercise session (depending on intensity level), which means that we are continually burning fat after our workout. At the same time, when muscles contract and relax during multiple sets of strength training exercise, the body is stimulated to produce significant levels of growth hormone to repair and renew our tissues which will keep us youthful.

Additional benefits are increased bone density, a brain boost helping maintain memory and focus, all over body tone, improved body shape, increased resistance to disease and increased energy levels. Plenty of 'bang for your buck' wouldn't you say?

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