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State Of Business In America - Analysis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

It is 2010 and after listening to this Youtube Online Video painful analysis of what is wrong with the State of the Union, yes our Union here in the USA Peter Schiff hits the nails all on the heads. I mean this guy is for small business, big business and everything in between. He so eloquently states that our government is quickly running us off of a cliff into a faster melt down economically.

If Obama really cared about this country, if Obama was a leader he would do what Schiff suggests in everything he talks about, education, loans, spending etc. (too much to list here). If Obama or McCain or any one of our "selected leaders" were actually a leader they would hire Schiff as Secretary of the Treasury and start taking names and numbers on Wall St. Get rid of all of the cronies in Washington and put in smart high school seniors. They could do a better job. All of these experienced Wall St. guys are digging us in even deeper. Sorry for the rant be we need to mobilize the Small Business Leaders into action.

When small businesses band together we would be in the 10's of millions. Many call us the economic engine of the country, including the politicians, so if this is so when then does Washington BAIL OUT the big banks who don't lend to small businesses? Maybe it is just me and the big banks are giving money away to small businesses, it is just I have not met a single one who was given a loan from the TARP money, have you?

I did not actually listen to the State of the Union Speech but based on what I heard on the radio afterwords it was empty and hollow. So my real question is WHY? What is their end game? Grow government so that they are the biggest employer and we have a nanny state we can all become dependent upon? Here is a brief excerpt from my other blog that I grabbed a letter from a small business owner.

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