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Squeeze Pages - the Art of Follow Up

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

Saturday October 13tch, 2007

The biggest craze in viral marketing techniques right now is "doorway pages", "lead capture pages", "name squeeze pages", or more commonly and simply termed....."squeeze pages". They all perform the same function, but are used in slightly different ways to ultimately achieve the same goal, to generate HUGE email lists of prospects that you can market your products, services, or affiliate programs at some point later on.

We've all heard it said 1000 times! "The money is in the list." However, in this marketer's professional oppinion, this statement is only partially true. You could have a GREAT prospect list of ONE MILLION PEOPLE, but if you don't have anything to offer them, or worse than that if you are NOT sending out regular emails then you will never make a dime!

The money is in the FOLLOW UP, not just in the list itself!

You have to work hard to not only gain your prospect's trust, but to KEEP it. If they feel some sort of connection with you when they see your emails coming in each week then they will be 100 times more likely to take the time to at least read what you're offering them.

Don't drown them with sales copy after sales copy. It is best to give your subscribers tid bits of valuable helpful information that they can use for whatever niche they've signed up for. If they think that you will be giving them the latest and greatest techniques they will WANT to read what you have to say in your emails that come in their email box. If you are offering really good content and not just a mountain of sales ads they will eventually look forward to it!

* Here's a tip for you - Try NOT to sell them anything for the first 7 mailings. Send them out small bits of information that would give them something of value and of course include a link at the bottom of your emails for "more information", but do not put any actual sales copy in your newsletters or ezines. Let them come to you on their terms at first. If they WANT more info they will click on that link that says "For more information on...." and THEN you will have a much better chance of converting the website visit in to a sale. If they visit your website at first this is fine. Statistics have shown that quite often a person needs to SEE or HEAR about a business an average of 7 times before they will feel comfortable BUYING from them. So give them something of value and then on the 8th email at the end of the second month start to offer them a little bit more "advice", still making sure that you focus on the art of "selling by not selling", which I will go in to greater detail about in my future articles.

I could sit here and SPOON FEED YOU great information, and some of you might even listen to and take the time to adapt some of my techniques to make some quick cash, but in a week or two you would be back HUNGRY for more juicy tips and tricks!

For more information sign up for MY "squeeze page" opt-in marketing tips list. This way you could get the weekly newsletter that I send out every week already PACKED FULL of juicey information to show you HOT NEW TIPS & TRICKS to help boost your Internet sales and marketing campaigns. It all starts with just 2 easy steps;

  • Step One: Go to the URL below and SIGN UP for our "Super Squeeze Page Generator" service! This will save you a TON of cash, not to mention a moutain of time and frusteration with your future advertising campaigns!

  • Step Two: Once you've made your final payment for the nominal $11.97 (worth a THOUSAND times as much), make sure to go back and sign up for our newsletter. You will need to check your email to "confirm" the new "opt-in" that you signed up for on our final "squeeze page". By simply doing this you will receive the amazing tips and tricks that I promised you above. I promise you will NOT be disappoointed!
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