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Squeeze Page Success Rule #1: The Audience

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Really Think About Your Audience and What's In it For Them

Your squeeze page is really a sales pitch, it leads to a bigger sales pitch, but its a sales pitch nonetheless. Your "selling" something like an e-book or access to a site in exchange for an email address.

So you need to think of this squeeze page as a sales pitch and any sales pitch needs to have a certain audience in mind. Your squeeze page needs to give your client (I use that label when a long-term relationship is being formed because customers buy once like at a 7 Eleven on their way through Kansas, we're looking for lifetime clients) a hard, clear, and unmistakable benefit.

Its not about you, its about them. It needs to start in the headline of your squeeze page. Example: "Market My $500 a Day System and Make Money." That talks about you. People are marketing for you. A better way to state that would be "Make $500 A Day By Using a New System That You Already Know How to Market." Both of these statements are command type headlines, but one talks about the salesman and one talks about the client.

Not only do you have to have a benefit for your audience, it needs to be tailored to your market. Diabetics won't find your "Best Tasting Candy Machine" very useful. So don't write for the diabetics unless you happen to make sugar free candy with this machine. You don't have much room on your squeeze page so if your going for multiple markets, make multiple pages.

For instance, say that candy machine does make sugar free candy. Make one squeeze page devoted to the best tasting candy, and one about it being sugar free. Put an ad on "Candy Lover's Lane" that goes to your best tasting, and an ad on "Diabetics Who Love To Eat Real Food" going to your sugar free. Both will end up buying your machine, but aren't bombarded by the 2 benefits on one squeeze page.

You need to know who your wanting to see your squeeze page and they need to know what they're getting out of your product. Sales 101, contrary to popular belief salesman don't try to sell every single person in the world. The most successful know who benefits from their product and how. Get the right squeeze page in front of the right people and you'll see results.

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