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Spirulina - Some Remarkable Health Benefits

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

lue-green algae are a diverse group of microscopic plants that rarely used for human food. The exception is Spirulina, which has become extensively available as a food ingredient within the last twenty years. It is a nutraceutical food with rather unique phytonutrients and also characteristics. Spirulina can also be used in a variety of healthy food applications. Wild Spirulina platensis, (or Arthrospira as it is sometimes called), grows in the sunny warm-water volcanic soda lakes throughout the world. This alga thrives in the waters containing high amounts of sodium carbonate with pH values above ten. Where wild Spirulina is found so there are often flocks of flamingos and other animals feeding on it. Spirulina has a distinctive spiral structure with the filaments of cells being about 10 microns in diameter and up to 1,000 microns in length.

Malnutrition severely diminishes the human capital of a country and its multifarious widely impacts hinder the universal achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Developing countries are mainly vulnerable to this easily avoidable catastrophe.

Spirulina offers some remarkable health benefits to an undernourished person. It is rich in the beta carotene that can overcome eye problems caused by Vitamin A deficiency. The protein and B-vitamin complex makes a huge major nutritional improvement in an infant's diet. It is the only food source, except for the mother's milk, containing considerable amounts of an essential fatty acid GLA that helps to regulate the entire hormone system.

One tablespoon a day can also eliminate iron anemia, the most common mineral deficiency. Spirulina is the most digestible protein food ever, especially important for the malnourished people whose intestines can no longer absorb nutrients effectively. Clinical studies have also shown it helps rebuild healthy intestinal flora. These health benefits have made it an excellent food for the rapid recovery of children from malnutrition related diseases in Mexico , Togo , Romania , China , Rwanda , Zaire , India , Ukraine , and Belarus .

Advantages of Spirulina

  • Spirulina does not need a fertile land for cultivation and therefore conserves fertile land and soil. It has over 60 % protein that is higher than the any other food besides benefits of rapid growth and higher yield.

  • Spirulina requires less energy input per kilo than the soy, corn, or bovine protein. As cheap energy sources are depleted and costs of energy dependent foods will rise up with energy prices.

  • Spirulina uses less water per kilo of protein than the other foods as the water is recycled back to the ponds after be harvesting.

  • Spirulina is a big oxygen producer that is even more efficient than the trees and forests to absorb Carbon dioxide and release Oxygen.

  • Spirulina production uses non-fertile land and brackish water and is a great potent remedy to deforestation to cultivate food. As people eat lower on the food chain, the pressures being to destroy wilderness can be halted and help re-green our planet.

  • Spirulina has no externalized hidden costs in the terms of depletion of fresh water fertile top soil and forests, pollution from pesticides, herbicides, and also toxins. No long term medical costs from unhealthy foods with these chemicals additives.

€œFor WHO, Spirulina represents an interesting food for various multiple reasons, rich in iron and protein, and is able to be administered to the children without any risk. We at WHO consider it a very suitable food

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