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Spinal decompression at Lake Forest

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

You are right, amongst the various diseases one of the most common and chronic ailments is the back and neck pain. Well, back pain is usually caused by compression of the spinal disc. Let's delve deeper to understand it well. The discs generally act like the  cushion between the vertebrae along the spine and when  they get damaged or inflamed (due to accident/injury / disease), they gets degenerated and thus leads to serious health hazards. Doctors say that the lumbar area (lower back) is a significant structure in the human anatomy because this provides the structural support and protection of certain tissues.   And the harrowing reality is,  lower back pain can happen at any age.

In fact the doctors that practice conventional, Western medicine usually prescribe some medications in order to relax the muscles and relieve the pain temporarily. They also prescribe cortisone injections and epidurals, but honestly, these are just the temporary solutions which masks the symptoms rather than treating the cause of the back and neck pain.  Hence a  safe, non surgical and a painless treatment was certainly required to treat chronic lower back pain and this is when the Chiropractors introduced the  non-surgical Spinal Decompression  as a solution for the millions suffering from severe , chronic and painful condition.  In fact with the immense growth of the €˜drug free' treatment option, Spinal Decompression has become a well accepted medical treatments for treating lower back pain. The Spinal decompression at Lake Forest now stands as quite an effective means in treating back pain and is way more reliable than the traditional surgical procedure or than any other pain medication.

Yes, you have heard that right, Spinal decompression at Lake Forest combines science and technology to combat the spinal problems.  As a revolutionary process, the Spinal decompression treatment employs the €˜Spinal Aid decompression table' in applying the forces needed to decompress the injured discs and vertebrae.  The Spinal decompression at Academy Chirois typically designed to take the pressure off the bulging disc and to compress the nerves while helping the spine to stretch gently and slowly at a particular angle, while followed by cycles of partial relaxation. This ideal way  of  distraction and relaxation  helps in creating the  "vacuum effect" or negative intra-discal pressure. And this negative pressure then helps in inducing  the retraction of the bulging or herniated disc back into the inside of the disc .

Spinal decompression at Academy Chiro is indeed a pleasant and relaxing experience, which works for most of the patients. However if there is severe osteoporosis, a tumor, or there has been a prior surgery where there are metallic screws or implants, then the spinal decompression treatment is not available.

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