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Speak French And Say Bonjour!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 97   |   Comments: 0

The French language have existed and withstood against the test of time for many centuries now which makes it undoubtedly the great romantic language ever existing in the planet. Learning this language is a great experience no matter what method you use and what reason you have for learning it.

For starters, basic conversation and pronunciation should be on the top of the lessons. Simple and plain conversation is needed especially when asking directions or asking for price during shopping. Asking "how do you do" in French to people you meet on the bus, on the train and even online can be a very helpful practical test on what you have learned about the language so far. The real thrill comes when you're already on the real place where people speak French - in France!

Just because you are in a non-speaking French country, doesn't mean that you just have to settle with what you think you know and what everyone else thinks. There are many other French-speaking countries you need to consider; the very reason also why you need to learn French; there are just too many people speaking this language as of this minute.

The only thing that's important here is you learn how to read the words from a simple sign on the street. Asking for directions is also an important lesson you need to understand and memorize while you're still not out and about traveling the streets of Paris.

Memorization, now that we've mentioned it, is not something we need to run away from. Instead, we should learn how to embrace it since memorization helps the brain absorb and retain new information every other minute. Giving our minds the chance to exercise benefits us from developing stagnant state of mind and also helps our mind to work very well on thinking and analyzing tasks. The job that we thought once is difficult can become a helpful aid.

Try learning a new French word and see how well you can remember it almost instantly.
Follow this example; a father of 20 tends the field and harvests an entire forest of pear to sell it to the market. The word here is "father" which means "pere" in French. The target is to create a silly scene with the two words linked to one another, thus, the technique now called Link-Word.

Try to come up with other French words and their English meaning and create one example as stated above. You can learn more with http://learn-french-program.com.

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