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Spa Trends 2011-The Changing Spa Industry

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 61   |   Comments: 0

A spa resort seems to be the best destination to relax and refresh our body and mind. After a tiring day you can look forward to a spa treatment to reduce physical discomfort by a non-medical procedure. Apart from physical benefits, it also has spiritual and emotional effects. Different types of scrubs especially Dead Sea scrubs are the most popular ingredient for most spa therapies.

Spa Trend 2010

Last year most spa-goers opted for traditional, authentic and magical spa therapies. The most popular spa therapy of 2010 was hammam from the Middle East. The concept of medical tourism turned into wellness tourism. The spa owners offered more incentives to retain loyal customers and at the same time earn more revenue.

Most spa centers have introduced fitness programs to provide a complete beauty and healthcare package to the customers. Fitness centers are also incorporating spa therapies along with their fitness programs. Not only that, hospitals are also implementing spa elements in their treatment. Doctors and specialists are recommending spa treatments for various diseases. There is a new trend of combining the best of different wellness programs offered by spa, health-centers, hospitals, wellness centers, fitness and beauty-clinics. The concept pure spa is on a decline and the concept of hybrid spa has become is increasingly taking its place.

Changing Trends of 2011

Research shows that focusing on the need for spa therapies for senior citizens will bring further development in this sector. Spa with physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths who deal with movement, bone and joint problems, looks quite promising. People €˜over 65' are now the focus of most wellness programs.

The traditional therapies such as Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture will still have a strong impact on spa therapies. Spa industries in Asia are expected to develop at breathtaking pace.

The spa trends of 2011 are likely to mark the come back of the age-old salt body scrubs used in different spa therapies initially. The age old ritual of basking in salt water will be introduced in different spa programs. With the help of these body scrubs it is possible to improve the skin type along with curing different types of diseases.

Research shows that salt scrubs is beneficial for respiratory illness like asthma and skin problems like psoriasis and acne. To satisfy the customers further, many spa centers are trying to recreate the old microclimate salt caves by infusing negative ions and salt into the air. Some of them have made hyper-modern rooms made out of sea salt blocks.

It is important to build a positive brand experience through effective promotional activities. This can be done by impressing the customers through consistent performance over considerable period of time. Offering online discount coupons can help in creating a positive customer relationship.

With the increasing scientific benefits of spa many medical professional are now using different spa therapies in their treatment. It is expected that the demand for such treatments are going to increase in the near future. Local resources of a particular region, like natural herbs, honey, fruits and vegetable are also becoming popular elements of spa treatments. This will create the bedrock for future development of spa industry. Different spa resorts and destinations should formulate different strategies and new creative activities to attract more customers.

The awareness of ill effects of various chemical peels and other artificial supplements combined with painful process like derma-rolling, incline more men and women natural spa treatments.

Amongst the different types of spa, airport spas are most likely to become popular. To promote airport spas it is important to have 24/7 online appointment system, anytime access and mobile application assisting the customers to locate the spa and choose the right spa therapy based on their preferences.

So if you are a spa owner focusing on these elements will help you to successfully fulfill your sales objective for the year 2011.

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