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Some Tips On Current Inexpensive Jewelry

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Fashion jewelry is often described as jewelry that is made using relatively affordable materials.  These materials may be synthetic such as plastic, lucite, cubic zirconium crystals and glass, or natural materials such as copper, and inexpensive stones such as jasper, onyx, jade or agates.  In some cases, sterling silver is used in the design of high end fashion or costume jewelry.  The goal when designing fashion jewelry is to create pieces that are trendy, eclectic and unique while keeping the price low, so that the target demographic - mainly teenage girls - can afford to buy them using their allowance.  The idea is to recreate a piece of jewelry that is popular celebrities, or an expensive vintage piece that is making a comeback, but using inexpensive substitutes for costly materials such as gold or platinum and diamonds.

In this respect, copper is often the metal of choice for fashion jewelry.  In some cases, copper is used as the base and then coated with silver.  That however in this author's opinion is truly unnecessary!  Copper is a beautiful metal with a warm rustic rose color, and when paired with the right stones, can be truly spectacular.  And, since copper is much more abundant as compared to gold and silver, it is much more affordable as well.  One popular trend today is to wear a copper pendant on a leather lariat.  These pendants are quite large - ranging in length from 2 to 3 inches, and are generally made with intricate patterns.  The focal bead for the pendant is usually a cabochon of a relatively inexpensive stone such as a colorful agate or a piece of coral with fossils in it.  The pendant makes a bold fashion statement, and is relatively affordable at a price that is probably just around US$20!

Another popular trend this summer is simple - almost minimalistic pearl jewelry.  Now, pearl jewelry has been popular for many centuries now.  The difference here is the type of pearls being used, their cost, and the overall design of the piece.  A single strand necklace of natural pearls can cost thousands of dollars, and certainly does not fit the bill for fashion jewelry!  However, you can probably buy a cultured pearl bracelet for under US20!  Cultured pearls can be just as beautiful as natural pearls, and are also produced by oysters.  The difference between natural and cultured pearls is that the development of natural pearls is left solely up to the forces of nature, while with cultured pearls, pearl development is triggered by human intervention.

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