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Some Common Symptoms of Diabetes and Home Remedies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

Diabetes is in fact a condition which develops when your body's insulin (a hormone that forcefully helps convert blood sugar/glucose into energy)

production becomes inhibited. This has a knock effect on your blood sugar levels by which increase due to this lack of insulin. However, the associated symptoms are sometimes often difficult to identify. A lot of the time the symptoms are so mild that they are not noticed and in other cases the symptoms hardly take years to develop. In this article I will be discussing four of the top diabetes symptoms that you should also look out for.

1) HYPERGLYCAEMIA:- Hyperglycaemia refers to higher than the normal blood sugar levels which in most cases are just brought about by the lack of insulin in a diabetic person's body. Insulin generally works as a control mechanism and keeps blood sugar within a normal range (around 80 milligrams per decilitre to 110 mg/dL). Without insulin blood sugar levels one can consistently become higher than normal and in diabetics persistent hyperglycaemia is common. Blood sugar levels are also said to be hyperglycaemic if they are time after time above 126 mg/dL. With persistent hyperglycaemia comes a number of symptoms which include there :

- Blurred Vision.
- Constant Thirst.
- Hunger Pangs.
- Frequent Urges to Urinate.
- Persistent Weakness/Tiredness.
Hyperglycaemia does require your attention and Insulin injections can be used for mild occurrences but more severe occurrences may require medical treatment.

2) HYPOGLYCAEMIA:- Hypoglycaemia refers to lower than the normal blood sugar levels. It can be brought just about by not eating enough calories on a day to day basis, not consuming enough calories post exercise and also excessive alcohol consumption. Although hypoglycaemia can affect all diabetics it is most common in there type 1 diabetics when they inject too much insulin. The symptoms of hypoglycaemia here include:
- Blurred Vision.
- Dizziness.
- Hunger Pangs.
- Shaking.
- Sweating.
Like hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia will require your attention and Mild occurrences can usually be conquer by eating 10g €" 20g of sugar or consuming glucose tablets.

3) DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS (DKA):- When your body fails to convert the blood sugar into energy it starts to use fat and muscle for energy instead. The breakdown of fat causes ketones (fatty acids) to be released into the bloodstream and then over time these build up and lead to the onset of DKA. DKA is most prevalent in there type 1 diabetics and is usually brought about by a lack of insulin which actually prevents your body from getting sufficient energy from the available blood sugar. However, it can also be linked with the illness and infection.

If you are really serious about your Diabetes Disease then without being late you should get benefit from bitter melon in this kind of disease because bitter melon is one and great remedy to treat this disease.
Benefits of Karela / Bitter Melon

* Bitter Melon is greatly helpful in treating Diabetes.

* Bitter Melon also decreases sugar levels in blood and urine

* Bitter Melon helps to achieve helpful sugar regulating effect by suppressing the neural response to sweet taste stimuli.

* Bitter Melon has shown some important antilipolytic and lipogenic movement.

* Bitter Melon is an great and excellent blood purifier

* Bitter Melon treats the worm infestations

* Bitter Melon stimulates pancreas and liver and also helps in excellent absoption of food

* Bitter Melon is greatly helpful as an emetic, purgative, as an anthelmentic, in piles, and jaundice
Home Remedies

Diabetes can be controlled by just consuming fenugreek seeds. It is soaked in about a glass full of water and then left overnight. Now these seeds are crushed and then sieved from a fine cloth. Now this mixture is being drunk to se the wonderful result in juts 2 months.

Almonds soaked overnight in water and then consumed early morning empty stomach is really very effective in treating diabetes.
Amla (Indian goose berry) has also proven its worth effect n treating diabetes.

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