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Some Background On Invisalign Straightening Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0
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Orthodontics has enabled us to enjoy much better teeth than people that lived in generations before us. While the end result is often very pleasing, the process is not always enjoyable and it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. Regular braces do an effective job of aligning teeth but they do have their drawbacks. People in Westchester can now take advantage of invisalign.

When you visit an invisalign dentist in Westchester, they can fit you for invisible braces. It seems amazing to hear about it at first but once you actually see them you'll be amazed. They are clear tooth aligners that will shift your teeth into place over time. They fit right over your teeth and your invisalign dentist in Westchester will have them made to fit your teeth exactly.

After you get your first set of Westchester invisible braces you will wear them for about two weeks. All you do after this period to switch to the next set. You'll keep switching your invisible braces every two weeks until your teeth are straight. One of the great things about invisalign invisible braces that you get fitted to your teeth in Westchester is that people can hardly notice them.

Not only are they hard to see when you have them on, but your invisalign dentist in Westchester will inform you that you should wear your invisible braces almost all of the time except for eating and performing oral hygiene. Yes, that's correct; you can take your invisible braces off when you want. That's a huge plus for many people, particularly professionals that want to have a better smile but don't want to go through a few years with traditional braces on.

With traditional braces, it is very difficult to clean your teeth properly and you can end up with other dental problems when you get your braces off. When you go for Westchester invisalign, you can take your invisible braces off whenever you need to. The chances are that you will not need to very often because they're more comfortable than traditional braces and they look much better.

Another advantage to your Westchester invisalign braces is that they will align your teeth in a more constant way than traditional braces. With the older type of braces, you would have to go to your Westchester dentist and have them tightened about once every six weeks. Right after you get them tightened, they can be rather uncomfortable and they are really putting a lot of pressure on your teeth. When you get your Westchester invisible braces, each two week step with the new set will help to bring your teeth into alignment faster. At the end of the six weeks with your traditional braces they will have very little tension left at all.

If you have teeth that need straightening then consider seeing an invisalign dentist in Westchester. You will enjoy your new smile for many years, and the process of getting there will be nowhere near as difficult as it used to be.

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