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Social Skill Development in 3 Easy Steps

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Having adequate social skills is a necessity to survive the dating scene, a professional environment and even the everyday family life. From as early as the time that you were a kid, do you remember your mother telling you about how you should behave properly in a social scene or in front of strangers or new acquaintances? With these constant reminders, you would already have a clue about how important it is for a person to learn about social skill development.

There are three basic aspects of social skill development that a person can work on. To have a deeper understanding of how important it is to work on your social skill development, here are the three aspects of social skill development and what you can do to improve them:

1. Verbal Communication

Being an effective communicator is an asset that many would like to have but only a few actually achieve. In lieu of the fact that public speaking is the number one fear of a lot of people not just in the States but around the world - how can you not be afraid of speaking out in front of a large crowd - or worse, in front of a stage? Thus, the first thing that you need to work on for your social skill development is your skill in verbal communication.

If you cannot take the leap and immediately try public speaking, you can take it one small step at a time. Try making small talk with your boss or a person who really intimidates you. Have a casual chat with neighbors or people that you often see. Sharing jokes with them or even greeting them a good day will gradually improve your daily interactions with other people and your verbal communication skill will slowly improve.

If you know how to express yourself clearly, without stuttering or making nervous gestures, then people will warmly respond and you will make them feel comfortable when they see that you yourself are comfortable with the social situation that you are in.

2. Non-verbal Communication

Another skill that you need for social skill development is non-verbal communication. Start with your own gestures. When speaking with another person, you need to look relaxed and not too stiff with your posture, lean a little towards the person that you are speaking with to show them that you are listening, and always have a ready and polite smile.

Next, you need to be aware of the body language of the person that you are speaking with. Never attempt physical contact if you feel that your actions may be misinterpreted. Look for gestures or body movements so that you will see if they are feeling comfortable with your presence. Basically, a relaxed stance should be your clue that the other person is willing to talk with you. Finally, your body language should 'agree' with the words coming out of your mouth.

3. Social Interaction Skills

To further enhance your social skill development, you need to be able to identify and diplomatically resolve any conflict that may arise. If you are embroiled in a tense situation, you should use your diplomatic skills to clear the air. Also, you need to be able to recognize the appropriate behavior so that you will be able to adapt to all sorts of personalities that you will encounter in any social setting.

By learning about these three aspects of social skill development, you can gracefully handle yourself in any social setting so that you can broaden your social circle while at the same time enhancing your interpersonal relationships with other people.

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