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Social Media Marketing: The Everyday Affiliate

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

Social media marketing is the fastest growing segment of  internet marketing and a lot of marketers are still trying to figure out how to fit it into their marketing mix.

The main word in social media marketing is of course social. And that is how you should approach it. Most people don't log onto Facebook and myspace to get advertised to. They are there to meet new people and talk to friends and family. So if you jump on social networking sites just to promote your products then I guarantee that you won't get very far at all. Not to mention that you'll also risk the possibility of being banned if enough people report you as a spammer.

So how do you sell with social media marketing? Well, I have two words that will help your attract people to you like a magnet and they are interest & curiousity.

Joining social groups and forums that relate to the industry you're in will help you greatly in meeting people who might be interested in your product or service. And the more you interact with the group, the more you will get from it.

There is an old law called the law of reciprocity and it says that whenever you give to someone they in turn will feel the desire to give back to you. So whenever you show interest & curiousity towards others in social groups, they will express interest and curiousity towards you.

Social media marketing is best executed by first genuinely taking and interest in a person and asking them questions about their occupation, hobbies, or something else that might be important to them. If you keep asking them meaningful questions, they will eventually want to know more about you. This is the law of reciprocity in action.

There are a few ways to quicken this process, however. One is to have a signature tag for every post or comment that you make. If you focus on making your comments interesting, while offering good information then people will naturally be inticed
to read your signature tag. This is a great way to drive traffic to a site.

Another way to attract people is to ask for help. People generally like to help others and if you express a genuine need for assistance then you will find that atleast one if not many people will be more than willing to lend you a hand. Again many of these helpers will be curious as to what you have to offer and check out your signature
tag or site.

The number one method of social media marketing is to be proactive and synergestic. Social media marketing is exactly like networking meetings and groups offline. And offline networking works best when a group of individuals of different industries partner to work with one another and share social databases to boost eachothers businesses.

Well, this same technique will work online too. If you gather a core of like minded people of similar but different industries, you will have instant access to each of your partners' networks, as they will yours. One word of caution... be sure that you partner with people you trust. You don't want to hand you list to someone with ill intentions.

A spin on this method is to find someone that has a large network of people in a similar industry that you're in and offer them some sort of incentive for sending a message to their network on your behalf. Maybe you can offer them a percentage of any sales you make or even just pay them straight out for the service. This could pay off in the end if you can get some of the people to join your network.

The last method for attracting people with social media marketing is to advertise. Facebook fan pages work excellent for this. You can create a fan page in seconds and start using PPC to advertise you page.

Be sure to make a great offer giving visitors a reason to join your page and you'll soon be drowning with prospects.

The Everyday Affiliate Certification program is an affordable way to learn how to blog for money online. Visit:http://www.TheEverydayAffiliate.com to reserve your spot.

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