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So What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

So, you've heard about this thing called 'affiliate marketing' and you want to ask the following: what is affiliate marketing and how does it work? Hmm. Good question! You've no doubt heard that affiliate marketing is probably the best way to make money on the internet. Often it can be free to start off with (or something very close to free) and there is no limit to one's earnings.

Here's what is affiliate marketing and how it works.

Affiliate marketing is fairly simple to understand. Let's look at it this way: Mr Merchant wants to sell his product about removing weeds from a garden. Mrs Customer wants to remove those pesky weeds from her garden and goes online to find out how to do just that.

Now Mr Merchant doesn't have all day to be promoting his product. Nor does he have a big budget€¦ and plus he's too busy answering customer service calls to be promoting his gardening product. This is where Mrs Affiliate comes into it all. She knows that Mr Merchant wants to sell his product and she thinks she can do a bit of promotion for him.

So she does. Without even contacting Mr Merchant, she sets up promotions over the internet in order to sell his product. She manages to catch Mrs Customer in her 'net' and Mrs Customer buys the product. As a thanks to Mrs Affiliate, Mr Merchant splits the sale with her. And this is why people like being affiliates€¦ the percentage can be anywhere from 5% to 75%. So if the gardening product sold for $50 and the affiliate percentage cut was 60% Mrs Affiliate would have earned herself $30 for that one sale.

Now that might not seem like a lot, but for top affiliates, one sale is nothing. Mrs Affiliate could be pulling in 10, 20, 40 sales a day, and then the numbers start to climb. Often affiliates are promoting multiple products, so the earnings keep going upwards.

So, that's the first bit of the question what is affiliate marketing and how does it work. Let's look at how it works, how the affiliate marketing actually grabs those customers.

The best way is to build a website loaded with gardening information (or whatever the affiliate is promoting) and a recommendation for something the affiliate wants to sell. 
Now you might be thinking aha, Mark, how do I get people to that website? Good question.
One of the best free ways is via something called 'article marketing'. You might have heard of it before as well. It involves writing articles (like this one) about a carefully targeted keyword. Hopefully this article was pulled up when you typed in the keyword 'what is affiliate marketing and how does it work', as a living example.

Another way Mrs Affiliate can get customers is by buying ads. You know those little 'sponsored links' next to Google? Well, if you're too lazy to write articles you can just pay for your ads to appear by searches. Both Google and you decide when your ad will appear.

Interested? Take a look at my article how affiliate marketing works for more great information on the best way to make money online. Take a look!

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