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So What Good is a Thank You Card, Anyway?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Sending a thank you card has become a thing of the past for most people these days. Life is so busy ... there are so many things that have to be done. The act of sending a simple thank you note has nearly disappeared.

But all our busy-ness is the very reason we need to renew this societal tradition. Being so constantly active, we have begun to lose that personal touch. Emails, texting, tweeting - they are all communication, but they're just not the same as the sensation you get when you open a paper card containing a heart-felt message.

So when are you supposed to send a thank you card?

Thank you cards, obviously, are sent to say "Thank you."

Most people remember to send them for wedding and baby shower gifts. However, there are lots of other times that a thank you card should be sent, as well.

Anytime you receive a gift, a thank you should be posted to your benefactor. Whether it is a physical token, a check in the mail, or a department store gift card, a personalized thank you is in order.

Thank you cards should also be sent to anyone who does something nice for you. For example, if a teenager shovels your walk to help you out, that young person should get a thank you note.

If someone helps your child through a difficult class by tutoring or helping with homework, a thank you card should be sent. When you receive flowers because you are ill, the giver should receive a thank you or other greeting card in return.

Thank you cards should also be sent to anyone who supports you in your life.

When a friend gives you a lead for a job, send them a thank you card to let them know that you appreciate their effort (whether or not you were hired).

If someone helps you out of debt, send them a thank you card. It's so much better than just an idle promise to repay the money. A properly written card will let them know that you truly appreciate their help, and sincerely wish to pay them back.

Send a thank you card to the woman down the block who picks up your newspaper out of the gutter every morning.

What about the minister at church who sat with your mother at the hospital, when you couldn't get there on time? Sure, that's a part of his job, but didn't you appreciate his kindness? Return the good deed by letting him know.

The Scout leader; the piano teacher; the dry cleaner who got that impossible stain out of your favorite blouse - these people are all special, and deserve to be told.

Sending a thank you card in exchange for kind behavior not only shows those around you that you truly value them for all that they do, it can create goodwill as if by magic, that begets even more generosity in the future.

Just imagine a world of kindness, goodness, and mercy.

Thank you cards are not merely a courtesy that everyone should try to maintain. They represent gratitude, kindness, caring, and just plain old good manners. Send a thank you card to your loved ones whenever appropriate, to let them know that you appreciate them.

Ghandi said we should be the change we want to see.

So, who do you want to say "thank you" to? Send them a thank you card today!

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