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Smoking Laws And Quitting Smoking

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 21   |   Comments: 0

The habit of smoking cigarettes has witnessed an evolution in terms of perception and acceptance. During the early days in the history of tobacco smoking, it was viewed as an aspect that was good for people. How fallacious that tale has turned out to be now! We now know that tobacco does more harm than any other products. It results in problems and diseases like cancer, problem of the lungs and heart diseases and heart attacks. These are just a few of the major risks involved. Other bad effects such as bad breath and the addiction itself, all contribute to the dangerously associated side effects.

A widespread awareness regarding these problems has resulted in legislative actions such as laws against tobacco smoking in public places and also various campaigns that affirm the need to quit smoking. Some of these preventive actions include the following processes. Anti-smoking public service announcements really make a great difference in the society. A very successful ad company has made its contribution by depicting the bad effects of smoking. They represent the tobacco industry as one that has to be detested and eradicated as it amounts to an evil empire. Their TV commercials are also enigmatic in showing the deleterious effects of tobacco products and smoking. The commercials they illustrate have even reached out to audiences of NFL games.

Public laws have also been against smoking on a social level. In many states, smoking bans have been implemented in places of social interests like restaurants and bars. High taxes bestowed on cigarettes and cigars have made a cut deeper into the budgets of smokers. Studies state that a smoker who starts the habit of smoking early in his life might end up spending almost two million dollars on tobacco products within a lifetime. Many aids to quit the habit of smoking including nicotine patches and gums have also emerged in the market. Insurance agencies and many health organizations also place a dent on smokers. This is made possible by charging more fees for the treatment of tobacco related diseases.

Getting rid of this habit is a really tough proposition. However, there are things and techniques you can adopt to help increase your chances. Sometimes, even a simple activity like taking a walk while feeling the urge can result in a big change. If a cigarette smoker that wants to quit tobacco smoking by resorting to these techniques is putting on weight, then that person needs to seek medical attention since it can proliferate as a very dangerous medical condition.

The restrictions, laws and legislations against tobacco smoking have made it an activity that is considered more and more inconvenient and expensive for the non-smoking population. Quitting tobacco as well as tobacco products does come with an iron will and a little bit of effort; but the benefits are found to be enormous. It will help in saving money every year and also increases a smoker's lifespan. Your family will also get to reap the benefits by not having to deal with second hand smoking.

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