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Smart Strategies for Promoting Your Candidate with Political Signs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Creating an effective political sign is an important factor for any political campaign. Having the correct size and color combinations and a minimal amount of wording are always important, but there are other strategies involved to make sure campaign signs are able to have an impact on voters.

Political Sign Timing

Probably the most frequently ask question we hear is, "How far out should I put my signs in the ground." While the consulting community has debated this issue for years, most would conclude that you want your signs to be release when people have their minds on elections. For most elections this means signs should go up about 30-40 days prior to early voting. (For elections that do not have early voting 30-40 days from the actual election.) If signs are put out much sooner than this, people begin to get used to seeing them and they forget what they're even about. Yard signs sent out much later than 20 days loose the effectiveness to become household names.

Placement of A Political Sign

Select high traffic areas, such as entrances to high activity shopping malls, store fronts located in popular areas, as well as busy intersections with stop lights. Placing campaign yard signs near schools can be a strategic location as the signs will be noticed by parents driving their kids to and from school. When it comes closer to voting day, signs placed near a polling location can be effective for voters who have not yet decided who will receive their vote.
Ask volunteers to call or go to the homes of supporters and ask them if they will allow a political sign in their yard, especially supporters living on busy streets. Volunteers can even knock on doors of residents who are not listed as supporters, particularly if they belong to the same political party as the candidate. This type of neighborhood canvassing also provides a good opportunity to drop off brochures or other political material.

Train volunteers in how to properly secure an election sign and how to place it strategically so that it can be easily seen by the greatest number of people. The angle in which the signs are placed can be an important factor at some locations. Volunteers and staff need to be fully aware of the regulations for sign placement to ensure that your signs remain in place throughout the entire campaign period and are not removed due to improper placement.

Amount Of Campaign Yard Signs

Order more signs than you plan to use since theft and vandalism can often be a problem. For efficiency, assign volunteers in advance to the task of replacing signs. Volunteers should frequently check to see if campaign yard signs have been removed.

The volunteers might receive the approval of more residents than expected and extra campaign yard signs will prevent candidates from missing out on these important opportunities. Some experts suggest campaign organizations order 25% more signs than they expect to use since reordering signs at the last minute can be costly.

Experts suggest ordering approximately one yard signs for every 30 registered voters.

By following these simple guidelines, you'll be well on your way to a successful promotion of your favorite candidate!

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