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Small Article- Concealments Create Burden on your Mind

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Concealments create burden on our mind.
Dalip Singh Wasan, advocate.

It is an old saying that we should speak the truth and only the truth and nothing more. Even in Courts the witnesses are asked to speak the truth in name of God who shall punish if the witness tell a lie. But still, we are not sure that all the people on this earth are speaking the truth and only the truth. Rather, we believe that none on this earth is speaking the truth and that is the reason, we start collecting other collateral evidence to establish that the man had spoken the truth and truth only.
We have got so many forces which are not allowing us to speak the truth. Even our religion, family, neighbours, society around us and the law of the land are forcing us to conceal so many things because if those are out we could be ousted from the religion, from the caste, from the neighbourhood, from the family and even the society would not tolerate us. The state shall be catching us and shall be punishing us as per law of the land. We are desiring, we are wishing, we are performing some rehearsals in our heart of heart which are otherwise banned. We are thankful to God for giving us power to conceal what we think, what we perform in our heart of heart and what we can conceal after performance. Much is hidden in us and we are wasting and putting in more and more time and energy in concealing what we want that the same should not come out in public and that is the reason, we are always under pressure. We have got a fear in our mind that one day our concealments shall be exposed and we shall be in trouble. We are putting in much time in thinking our defense. We know that this man has got so many concealments with him and therefore, when he is facing some person who is known to him, he is not facing him with love and affection, but he is facing him out of fear and compulsion. He has got a fear in his mind that this fellow shall be bringing out some of the secrets and those exposures shall be bringing shame for him. So man is never free because none on this earth is expected to be one from inside and from outside. We all on this earth are bound to play double roles and what we are from our inside, that is always concealed and what we are out, that is before the people. But since everyone on this earth is facing the same situations, none can say that he is one from inside and from outside and if he is claiming as such, then we must take him the biggest liar. In fact speaking truth and truth only has been banned on this earth and even people who had been declaring themselves as biggest saints might had been not telling the whole truth. They too had their own limitations and that is the reason, this phrase that everyone should speak the truth and truth only is found in religious books and that has attained the status of a paper-transaction only and nothing more than that.

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