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Skin Condition After Weight Loss - How to Reduce Stretch Marks on Arms, Legs and Abdomen

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Going back to the pre-pregnant figure and body size after child birth is one of the greatest dreams of mothers out there. Nonetheless, weight gain including weight loss may possibly result with many unpleasant stretch marks on the stomach, underarm or on legs. These are common and it can appear after weight loss or pregnancy. When excessive stretching happens on a part of the skin, it breaks and loses its elastin and collagen. Thus, the ugly lines identified as stretch marks appear.

Collagen plays an important role on the skin's connective tissues. It is characteristically responsible for the skin's strength and suppleness. It serves as a foundation in view of the fact that it holds and connects the blood vessels together and the same applies with muscle tissues. It is comparable to a net that supports and holds the skin together. The collagen and elastic tissues are fundamentally responsible for the firmness and flexibility of the body tissues. It these two fail to work, it easily breaks. Thus, damaging the external skin layer which then results to the development of wrinkles, stretch marks, crow feet and more. With that said, these two are important components in maintaining the person's skin.

According to studies, there are two levels of collagen and elastic tissue damage that can result to stretch marks development. The first one is the slight mark damage that is brought by over stretching. The other type is when the blood vessel becomes dilated and appears in purple or reddish color. And these two levels can be corrected and repaired easily but with forbearance.

Important Cosmetic Ingredients and other organic extractsUsing cosmetics and other creams can help reduce and repair stretch marks. But there are some ingredients that you should consider to ensure that it will work. Some of these ingredients are vital cosmetic ingredients and botanical extracts. If you are planning to buy a stretch mark formula, check the ingredients found on the container or box and look if any on the list is included.

Following are some important ingredients that has a significant role in the reduction of stretch marks:

Collagen - Find a product that contains collagen. This is the most popular element on age defying solution in cosmetic engineering.

Protein - Collagen is part of protein. Simply put, a high protein diet can help care for the skin's suppleness and improve durability. It reduces the intensity of wrinkles and tightens the skin's pores. It also increases the moisture of the skin which makes it soft and smooth. It stimulates the cells to develop the collagen productivity.  Cosmetic ingredients - wheat germ oil, micro proteins, soya proteins; Plants - Wheat Germs, Soy Beans and Peas; Supplements - Wheat Protein, Soya.

Malus Domestica or Apple Stem Cell - This is from the rare Swiss apple tree and one of the latest and popular cosmetic ingredient today.  It exceedingly enhances the epidermal stem cells and decreases the development of crow feet and stretch marks.

Vitamin C Pure or Ascorbic Acid supports the vitamin E - It is an anti-oxidant that has scavenging properties. It is involved in the fabrication of collagen and builds capillary strength. Acerola Berry is one of the most conventional cosmetic ingredients that are rich in vitamin c which aids on collagen and elastin (elastic tissue) network building.
Hyaluronic Acid - This is a collagen and elastic tissue supporter. It is commonly found on skin cosmetics which plump depths of expression lines and wrinkles.

Glycosaminoglycans - You can find this extraordinary ingredient in plants and essential skin moisturizer. This is elemental to prevent skin's collagen from deteriorating and encourage softness & firmness.

Thyme - This one is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial that has astringent properties which assist in the process of maintaining the skin's firmness.

Methylsulfonyylmethane or MSM - This is referred to as the nuts and bolts of the skin protein.  It is fundamentally responsible in strengthening elastin and collagen structures of the skin.

Mucopolysaccarides - This help maintains the moist environment for collagen, elastic tissue and dermal cells. It helps support connective tissue and mucous membranes of the skin.

Yeast on the other hand also helps amplify collagen synthesis. It significantly reduces wrinkles.

Stretch marks can also be removed through microdermabrasion and laser surgery although there are risks involved. These treatments can be pricey depending on the severity of the stretch mark. In spite of this, stretch marks can be prevented by keeping the skin hydrated at all times.

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