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Skin Care Information - Are You Setting Yourself Up For Big Trouble?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

Let's face it.  If you are one of those people that get the majority of their skin care information from magazines and infomercials, then you could be setting yourself up for big trouble.  It is bad enough that these sources typically tend to highlight formulas that simply will not give you the results that the manufacturer promises, but they are also steering you towards products that could cause you a great deal of harm.

Companies that have huge amounts of money to spend on the promotion of their products are saving their money in other areas.  The place where it has typically been seen that a company will try and cut back is in product research and development.  This means that the product you are likely to get from a cosmetics company will contain the most cost effective, lowest quality ingredients that they could get.

You can't get your skin care information from the infomercials that you see on television, because that information is coming directly from the company that developed the product.  They are going to tell you whatever they think you will want to hear, because they are interested in convincing you to part with your money.  They simply don't care whether what they are telling you is true or not.

It is pretty much the same deal when you are getting your information from articles or reviews printed in magazines.  The cosmetics companies do not pay directly in order for nice things to be said about their products, but they do sort of pay for it indirectly.  It is often the advertising dollars from said companies that keep the magazine afloat, so you can't expect a totally honest appraisal of a high profile formula no matter what it may contain.

Another place where you will not only get simple propaganda about a cosmetic formula, but often a glaring lack of skin care information is a cosmetic company's official website.  A piece of advice that you should always follow is never to buy a product when a company won't let you see the list of ingredients that the product contains.  This means that they don't want you to be able to look up the ingredients, and see just how bad for you these products are.

What they don't want you to see is that their formulas contain compounds such as parabens, acrylamide, dioxane, toluene, phenol carbolic acid, triclosan, and polyethylene glycol.  These compounds and other are widely used in the development of skin care products.  These compounds are either toxic or carcinogenic depending on the compound you are looking at, and should never be allowed to be absorbed into your skin.

You want a company that is forthcoming with the skin care information necessary to assess their products for safety and effectiveness.  Not all of the companies in the cosmetics industry are deceptive, but the vast majority of them are.  Their lack of honesty is what has forced some groups to have to literally list thousands of individual products that are potentially hazardous to your health.

Bottom line, if you find a company that freely gives you detailed skin care information, then that might be a company you want to stick with.

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